Book Loving Commuters – Help Build Our Commuter Collection

Driver-stuck-in-traffic-jam-free-clip-artCity of Hope employees come from all over the Southland.  In Library Services our commutes range from 10 minutes to two hours each way.

The best way to make the commute seem shorter is obvious to librarians…  a book!

Now mind you, we do not suggest you hold your paperback bestseller on the steering wheel while the car is in motion (almost as dumb as texting while driving).

Audiobooks are the ideal answer to the traffic blues and they are great for exercising too!  Come in and check out our collection. We even have a portable CD player if you want to listen to one while using one of our treadmills.

If you are like this librarian and have enjoyed audiobooks since the early nineties you probably have some of them at home on a bookshelf gathering dust. Please consider donating them to our Commuter Collection so other City of Hope commuters can enjoy them.

The library purchased the audio editions of titles from the WeCARE list of recommended reading for this collection. The library has also been adding other management titles, and copies of Book Club books. But, for the fun stuff we need to depend on donations.  Donate your bestsellers, even if they are from 10 years ago. People WILL enjoy them.

Bring your donations by the Graff Library building, or if you would like to make a suggestion for a title to add, please leave a comment below or contact us at or ext. 68497.

Help us grow our collection of audiobooks!


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