Empowering our Users Through Education: Changing our Document Delivery Workflow to Expedite Access

We here in Library Services believe in empowering our users to access materials as quickly as possible. We will now cancel any request that we have electronic access to and send you an email (example below) with instructions on how to get the article you want using Full Text FinderFull Text Finder is a tool for searching everything electronic (e.g., journals and e-books) that we have in our collection.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone 626-301-8497 or email library@coh.org.

Example email message for canceled requests:

Dear John Doe,

We have canceled the following request because it is available electronically through an existing subscription:

TN: 123456

Author: Dr. Seuss

Title: The next big thing in cancer research.

Journal of Cancer, 55(3), P.236-9

You can access the article by searching for the journal title in our Full Text Finder tool. When the results display, click on “Full Text Access” to display City of Hope’s subscription information:


Click on any link that includes the year of your article to open the hosting platform. From there, you can navigate to the article by citation information (Year/Volume>Issue>Page); or, by entering keywords or the full title into the search box. Download options (usually PDF format) will appear once you have found your citation.

If you would like additional information on finding and accessing online articles, please contact Library Services at library@coh.org or ext. 68497.

Thank you,

Samantha Garcia

Library Services



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