#TBT Spotlight on Dr. Susumu Ohno

Dr. Susumu Ohno, Scope, July 1966On this month in 1966, Susumu Ohno, D.V.M., Ph.D., was announced chair of the Department of Biology at City of Hope by Paul L. Wermer M.D. Ohno was born on February 1, 1928, in Seoul, Korea. Although his father wanted him to pursue medicine, his first degree was from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in veterinary medicine. After completing his veterinary degree, Ohno pursued two doctorates in pathology and cytogenetics at the Hokkaido University. Ohno’s graduate work in immunology led to appointments at UCLA and eventually, in 1952, at City of Hope. Ohno made many contributions to science including:

  1. Devised cinematographic techniques for the studying of living bone marrow.
  2. [Findings in] chromosomal function, particularly with respect to sex determination.
  3. Assign[ment] of musical notes to nucleotides, converting the sequences into musical passages. This made it possible to appreciate the repeating nature of the motifs in the DNA sequence. (Beutler, 2002, 6-9).

References Retrieved from the City of Hope Archives

(1966, July). Dr. Susumu Ohno named new chairman of medical center biology department. Scope (3)6, 1.

Beutler, E. (2002).  Susumu Ohno 1928-2000: A biographical memoir. Washington, D.C.: National Academies of Sciences.


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