Library Services Staff Participated in LPDW

image of laptop keyboard with "learn" buttonLearning and Personal Development Week (LPDW) took place January 25-29 and the Library Services team supported the culture of learning at City of Hope by being involved in a variety of ways. Library Director Andrea Lynch was involved in the planning phases as a LPDW Advisor and Library Assistant Heather Lanctot volunteered as an Ambassador, helping to increase awareness, promoting staff registration, and hosting and photographing classes and sessions.

As a group, the Library Services staff attended 42 sessions throughout LPDW. These 42 sessions were on a wide range of topics including: time management skills, personal health and wellness, keynote addresses, Excel, introduction to Lean principles, and skills in written and verbal communication in the workplace.

Brian Chambers (Discovery & Access Librarian) was “Glad to see Lean methodologies being taught within the organization!”

Heather Lanctot (Library Assistant) felt that “it was such a great opportunity to be able to take classes online and in-person. [She] especially enjoyed the session ‘Coaching Up, Down, and Across: Working with all levels of the organization.’ It was nice to be able to work through ‘real world’ work scenarios in small groups.”

Andrea Lynch (Library Director) expressed that “Library Services sees LPDW as a win-win-win. For four of the five years, we’ve contributed by teaching classes on EndNote, our clinical tools, and other tools and services. This important institutional program promotes our sessions within the broader set of offerings and helps us reach people who may not know about the resources and services we offer. Each year, our team members attend and gain new skills and knowledge that they bring back to our efforts.”

Hilda Perez (Library Assistant) explained that through the courses “Diabetes Research and Treatment at City of Hope” and “Managing Time – Using Your Strengths”  she was not only able to learn “that there’s a lot of new [diabetes] research in process” but also many “new ideas on how to manage [her] workload every day.”

In addition to attending classes Library Services staff members Andrea Lynch (Library Director) and Laura Brown (Clinical Librarian) also taught a total of 12 sessions. These courses were taught at various times throughout the week and each highlighted a different service, or set of services, that the library provides to the City of Hope community. There were more than 50 total attendees for the 12 sessions that were taught. We have received positive feedback from those who attended these sessions. If you were unable to attend a library session, or have additional questions after having attended a session, please contact library staff at or x68497.


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