Good Nutrition is Part of Our History

Did you know that the City of Hope was educating its community members about good nutrition as far back as the 1960s?

March is National Nutrition Month and the library is looking back to 1967 with a #TBT. According to Scope, the employee newsletter, “Good Nutrition Week” was observed in 1967 from April 9th-15th not only at City of Hope but throughout the state.

Scope, March 1967 "Nutrition Week"

“Good Nutrition Week” was facilitated as a result of the work of then Administrative Dietitian Beatrice Berman. City of Hope employees were educated through posters, films, and take-home literature about nutrition. This same issue of Scope provided a “Nutrition I.Q. Quiz” where “the best quiz scores [would] win a steak dinner.”

City of Hope will be celebrating Nutrition Month with activities on March 8th.

Natl Nutrition Month 2016 FlyerFor more information about the health benefits of nutrition check out MedlinePlus or contact the library for additional resources at or x68497

You can also visit the City of Hope’s Food and Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition Department webpages.


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