National Brotherhood Week #TBT

National Brotherhood Week was observed at City of Hope in February 1966. This #TBT image comes from Scope, the employee publication, held in the City of Hope Archives.

Image of National Brotherhood Week COH 1966

According to an article that was written in 2013 for the blog ChicagoNow, National Brotherhood Week was started in 1934 by the National Conference for Christians and Jews (NCCJ). The NCCJ was founded in 1927 in an attempt to “[bring] diverse people together to address interfaith divisions.” National Brotherhood Week was last observed in the 1980s.

Former President FDR wrote about Brotherhood Week for a war-time poster in 1943:

We are fighting for the right of men to live together as members of one family rather than as masters and slaves. We are fighting that the spirit of brotherhood which we prize in this country may be practiced here and by free men everywhere. It is our promise to extend such brotherhood earthwide which gives hope to all the world. The war makes the appeal of Brotherhood Week stronger than ever.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the City of Hope’s mission and values and although National Brotherhood Week is no longer observed, the COH community celebrates this core value during Diversity Day every November.


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