Preparing for Our First Journal and Book Inventory: We Need Your Help

We are preparing for our first ever inventory where we confirm our book and journal holdings with what we have in our catalog. We need your help to make sure we have accurate information.

  • If you have borrowed items from our journal and book collections (look for our property stamp) without checking them out, please contact us by Friday, December 11th to let us know what items you have in your possession. We will in turn make sure you have a library account and check out these items to you via our catalog system.
  • If you’d like to be reminded of what you have checked out, please go here and log into your patron record using your Employee ID and your full name.

We are performing the inventory to improve access to our print collection by:

  • identifying books we may have on the shelves that are not in our catalog;
  • correctly shelving any misplaced items; and
  • compiling an accurate list of missing and lost titles to determine what items should be replaced.

Have questions? Would you like to know more about this project? Please contact us (x68497 or




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