My 6 Weeks at City of Hope: Guest Post by Maria Huerta

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Maria Huerta, Regional Occupational Program intern with Library Services and a rising junior in high school.

Edited by Andrea Lynch, Library Services, and Laurie Bellman, Copy Editor in Creative Services

This summer, I’ve been working in the Graff Medical and Scientific Library as part of the Duarte Unified School District and City of Hope’s Regional Occupational Program (ROP). My mentor, Andrea Lynch, taught me so much about the different services and programs the library has, and how they collaborate with different departments at City of Hope. One thing I learned about the library was that it allows other libraries borrow books from its collection, for a fee.

As part of the ROP activities, I met different City of Hope staff members from various departments who have inspired not only me, but also my classmates, to pursue their careers. For example, here are two careers I learned more about:

  • Pathologists are the main people that discover what disease you have and what antibiotics can help you.
  • Pharmacists don’t just give you the medicine they think is going to help you; they need to know everything about the medication they’re giving you or else that medicine can be dangerous for your body.

This has been a great opportunity to learn more about City of Hope and about a variety of careers. I encourage others to learn about the programs that City of Hope has available for children and youth to participate in, such as the Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy and Science Education Partnership Award.


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