Staff Spotlight: Laura Brown, MLS

by Susan Koscielski; edited by Andrea Lynch

Laura Brown became City of Hope’s first Clinical Librarian almost four years ago.  She enjoys the thrill of literature searching and the excitement of getting what you want on the first try.  She finds supporting systematic reviews her most rewarding new challenge because of the rigor and attention to detail that’s required.  Laura also recently started a service for patients interested in participating in clinical trials. If City of Hope does not have a relevant trial, she will search with the patient-specific information and provide a list of potential studies to the clinician that their patient may benefit from.

In her own words, Laura “strive(s) to make sure that our clinicians base their care on the best evidence available, hop[ing] that this increases the quality of care that patients coming to COH receive” and that this in turn “helps fuel the creativity…to keep improving the quality of care.”

Laura’s previous position was at Loma Linda University where she was the Chair of Reference Services at Loma Linda University Del E. Webb Library as well as the liaison for the Medical Center and Children’s Hospital.  At Loma Linda, Laura served on patient and nursing teams including Organization-Wide Learning, Patient Education, and Nursing Research.

A Lincoln, Nebraska native, Laura grew up where tornados are a regular occurrence.  She says she “still prefers tornados to earthquakes” because she likes having the earth be stable under her feet.  Laura is the daughter of a grade school teacher and an Annapolis grad who became a Chaplin before going into the lay ministry field. Her brother is a physician, specializing in pediatric autism spectrum care.  Laura shares her home with her 19-year-old African Grey Parrot, and is a big Cornhusker football fan. Since she has lived in Southern California for many years, she adopted the Dodgers as her football off-season “methadone.”


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