New UpToDate Learning Forum Webinar: UpToDate and Evidence-based Medicine

Invitation from UpToDate:

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to join us for UpToDate and Evidence-based Medicine, the next session in our Learning Forum Webinar series.

This complimentary session is being offered worldwide.

When:  June 17

Select the time that Works best for you: 

  • 4:00am PT
  • 10:00am PT
  • 7:30pm PT

Click here to register.

How can busy clinicians practice evidence-based medicine? Join us to learn how UpToDate makes this possible. Dr. David Rind, Vice President of Editorial and Evidence-based Medicine at UpToDate, will discuss the implementation of evidence-based medicine in UpToDate, the use of evidence grades in making recommendations, and how recommendations evolve as new evidence becomes available. Also, there will be a product demonstration highlighting features of UpToDate related to evidence-based medicine at the end of the session.

This webinar will help you and your colleagues understand how to take full advantage of UpToDate. We look forward to your attendance.

Kind regards,
Christine Berry
Director of Global Training
Wolters Kluwer Health | UpToDate

Note: All UpToDate Webinars are recorded and can be watched at a later date here.


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