Problems with EndNote when Word is in “Compatibility Mode”

When updating a book chapter or other document that is apt to have been created in an earlier version of Word be aware that the first step of the process should be to convert the document to the current version of Word on your machine.  Check the Microsoft help (F1) for directions on how to do that for the version of Word that you have.

If a document you are working on has the words “compatibility mode” at the very top of the screen where the file name is displayed that means the document was created in a different version of word than the one being used.  If you try to update the item using standard features such as track changes and changing EndNote references you are apt to end up locking one, or both your Word program and your EndNote program.  This challenge was discovered when working with Word 2007 on a document that was probably written with Word 2003 using a much earlier version of EndNote X.

If you have any problems with converting your document and getting EndNote to function properly with it feel free to call the library and we will try to help you through them.


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