Check out the new furniture: Request for feedback

Height-adjustable desks

Height-adjustable desks

Library Services needs your feedback! New furniture and carpet were purchased with Graff Foundation Endowment funds for the Graff Library conference and reading rooms. These pictures show the new seating options and the height-adjustable desks located in the first two reading rooms.

Please stop by, check things out, and tell us what you think. Consider these questions:

  • Should more of this furniture be purchased? Why or why not?
  • Are there other types of furniture you would like to see in the library? What kind and why?

We are using this new furniture and carpet to demonstrate some of the changes we’d like to see made to the interior of the building. Our plan is to create collaborative meeting space in addition to more individual work space.

New furniture and carpet

New furniture and carpet

Please provide your comments using the box below, or if you come in person, use the easels provided in the reading rooms. Additional purchases are planned for this calendar year, so we need your help to make sure the new furniture enhances how you would like to use the library.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts (and/or ideas)!


One Response to Check out the new furniture: Request for feedback

  1. Tami Borneman says:

    Andrea, Even though I don’t care for a modern look, as long as the furniture is comfortable and practical, that’s what matters – at least to me. If you allow drinks in the library, you may want to think about places where people can place their drinks (e.g. cup holders) to make it less likely to spill something.

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