FAQ: How do I get this article when the library doesn’t have a subscription?

One of our most frequently asked questions is: “How do I get this article when the library doesn’t have a subscription?” Use ILLiad to request it. When we don’t subscribe to the journal or don’t have the book as part of our print or electronic collection, we will either obtain it from another library or consider adding it to our collection.

ILLiad is our system ordering journal articles, book chapters, and books either from our print collection or from other librariesMost requests are free of charge; we charge $20 for rush requests. Articles and book chapters typically arrive electronically in 1 to 3 business days. Books still have to travel by regular mail, so the turnaround time is longer (7 to 10 business days).

More information and resources about ILLiad

Once we have your article — either from our library or filled by another library —  we load it into the ILLiad system. ILLiad will send you an email letting you know your request is filled. In addition, the system will keep your articles for six months or until you delete them.

Some of you may remember back before computers, if you needed an article you had to mail a written request and wait for it to be copied and mailed back to you. We had to mail forms to other libraries for titles we did not own and the turnaround time was rarely less than two weeks. The process has changed a lot since those days.

If you need any assistance with registering for ILLiad, using it to place requests, or anything else, contact us (email: library@coh.org; phone: x68497; or stop by in person).

Written by Susan Koscielski and Andrea Lynch


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