Keeping Current in the Evidence-Based Healthcare Age with help from Library Services

Long gone are the days when reading one’s society journal was all one needed to to keep current with advances in one’s field.  MEDLINE(PubMed) alone indexed over three quarters of a million articles last year (NLM indexing stats).  It is obvious clinicians need a way to identify the most important articles to read and absorb to insure they practice the foremost of evidence based healthcare.  Graff Librarians are here to help identify and gather those “most important articles” and organize them into a system to make it easy to retrieve the very pertinent ones that contain information to improve one’s practice!

I presented three sessions of  Keeping Current with the Evidence Using PubMed and EndNote  during City of Hope’s Learning and Professional Development Week.  A number of you attended, but the classes filled quickly.  If you missed taking one of these classes you don’t have to wait another year.  Contact me to schedule a customized “Keeping Current Consult”.   I will work with you individually to set up a focused search on your targeted topic(s), create an initial EndNote library, and set-up a recurrent alert search to come to your email address so you can keep your library up to date.  Just send me an Outlook invite to schedule your “Keeping Current Consult.” Together we can make it happen.

Laura Brown, MLS  (  X63188)


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