Staff Spotlight: Susan Koscielski

Here’s our second installment of profiling a member of the library/archives stSusan Koscielskiaff, so you can get to know the people behind our services.  This month we highlight Susan Koscielski. You probably know Susan by name, but here’s her picture so you can put her face with the name of the person who’s delivering your document delivery and interlibrary loan requests, as well as search results and journal tables of contents.

Prior to coming to COH as an employee, Susan was already familiar with COH because her children were patients of Dr. David Comings. Susan is a Library Assistant III, with over 24 years working at City of Hope (COH) in the library.  Her major job duties include document delivery, cataloging, managing the electronic tables of contents service, and in her words “assisting patrons anyway I am able.” As she puts it:

“There are very few jobs I haven’t done in the library.  When I started working here we only had one computer to download some interlibrary loan (ILL) requests…  We still had a card catalog though it was no longer being added to because the director at the time was expecting computers; and ILL requests were filled by snail mail.  We photocopied everything and re-shelving took hours to do.  I prepared journal issues to be bound monthly, an average of forty to seventy volumes at a time.  New issues of journals arrived daily by mail, sometimes over fifty a day which I hand typed a list to put out for patrons so they would know what came in that day.  Then I copied the table of contents of each journal not once but as many as needed for as many people I had on a my distribution lists; just like I do today but now it is all electronic tables of contents… Patrons circled the articles they wanted and mailed those back to me and I would get the journal, figure out how many of each article I needed, copy, collate, etc. … I was also responsible for moving the collection; if something ran out of room I had to make room for future volumes.  I think I may have moved the entire collection at least three times.”

Susan also performs literature searches and has been doing so for many years. She is now using EndNote, a bibliographic management tool, to supply the results. She wrote, “I like finding things; it’s a challenge like a treasure hunt.” She remembers “doing searches using indexes and going through references and back into the index.”

This year, Susan has added to her work activities, working with the Spiritual Care Department and library and campus events. She coordinated the 2013 Back to School and Library Open House event and displayed her collection of Japanese art and collectibles at Diversity Day. In addition, Susan has been an ambassador with the “Hope Starts with Us” Event Committee since 2010.

On a personal note, Susan is an artist. She’s learning how to play the bass on “Paul,” her violin bass similar to Paul McCartney’s instrument. She has painted most of her life and likes to work in acrylic. She is “currently working on a portrait of [her] little Yorkshire terriers.”


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