Learn about open access, share what you learned, and consider this interesting tidbit

In this post, I’m asking you to learn more about open access, share what you learned, and to consider an aspect of what the open access movement is trying to accomplish.

Learn and share

  • Read this short 4 page article, which is a nice guide detailing resources to help authors make their publications available via open access options: Dawson, D. (2013). Making your publications open access: Resources to assist researchers and librarians. College & Research Libraries News, 74(9), 473-476. After reading this article, learn more about one resource detailed in the paper. Using the comment feature below, share the name of resource you chose and one thing you learned about it.
  • Check out Steve Hitchcock’s Open Access Impact Bibliography, which highlights studies on the impact of open access publishing. There are two special listings worth mentioning: 1) one list that sorts the studies by the those that are cited most in Google Scholar; and 2) reviews about these impact studies. Please take a look at this tool and share your ideas/thoughts using the comment feature below.

 Consider this

  • One of the issues that the OA movement is attempting to address is making published research freely available to everyone to read. As of October 24th, a quick and dirty search in PubMed/MEDLINE for City of Hope authored publications* yields 4773 results.  Then, if you restrict the articles to only those that are freely available using the Free Full Text Available filter, you get 1732 results. Therefore, 36.3% of articles found in PubMed/MEDLINE where the first author is associated with City of Hope are freely available for anyone to read without a subscription. A similar search performed on October 28th of NIH authored# articles yields 115,539 results, with 48,434 results or 41.9% of the articles freely available to read.

COH employees who leave OA-related comments using the Reply feature below will receive a small prize. 

Want to chat about the pros and cons of open access or learn about it? Connect with me, Andrea Lynch, Scholarly Communication Librarian (x60520 or alynch@coh.org).

* PubMed/MEDLINE search strategy: “city of hope”[Affiliation] OR duarte[Affiliation] OR 91010[Affiliation]

# PubMed/MEDLINE search strategy: bethesda[Affiliation] OR “National Institutes of Health”[Affiliation] OR “nih”[Affiliation] OR 20892[Affiliation] AND “loattrfree full text”[sb]


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