Staff Spotlight : Sam Garcia

COH_7368-Edit This article marks the beginning of a new blog feature: the staff spotlight.  Once a month or so, we will profile a member of the library/archives staff, so you can get to know the people behind the services.  This month we highlight Sam Garcia.

Sam Garcia is a front line team member for Library Services.  She is usually the first person you see when you enter the library and frequently the only stop you will need to make for your information needs.  Her eight years of service means she pretty much knows where everything is buried (or stashed), and she loves helping patrons find the materials they need or solve any problems they are having in the library.  As she explains it, “If a patron comes in wanting a specific title or article I help them search our collection to see if we have it in our collections. If it is not, then I help our patrons find articles and books that are not in our collection by requesting them from other libraries. I also assist with any EndNote problems that our patrons may encounter such as importing new references or creating new references manually.”

Sam’s talents aren’t limited to the physical library she is also an electronic whiz.  Along with being the first string problem solver for EndNote, troubleshoots library software, and manages the Kindles that are loaned to patients in the infusion clinics.

Sam’s efforts are key to keeping the day-to-day operations of the library running smoothly.


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