AAMC News and Leadership Announcements, 2013 June 25

The current issue of AAMC News and Leadership Announcements is now available:

The Institute of Medicine on Tuesday morning released the report of its panel evaluating the NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program. According to the IOM, “The IOM committee finds that the CTSA program is contributing significantly to advancing clinical and translational research, and recommends a number of revisions that could make the program more efficient and effective and could ensure future successes. If enacted, these changes would help establish the CTSA Program as the national leader for advancing innovative and transformative clinical and translational research.” The recommendations include updating the program’s leadership structure and the program’s mission and goals. Dr. Ann Bonham, AAMC Chief Scientific Officer, served on the review panel.  The CTSA program is now administered by the NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).

http://tinyurl.com/q9rj6ho <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552637:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


The Supreme Court on Monday announced its long-awaited decision in the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin case. The court, in a 7-1 decision, sent the case back to the federal appeals court. In its ruling, the Supreme Court accepted as a given the educational benefits of diversity as a compelling interest and left intact the ability of institutions of higher education to continue to use holistic review in admissions. However, the court ruled that lower courts did not apply a sufficiently high level of scrutiny to UT’s use of race in admissions decisions and sent the case back to a lower court for review. The AAMC, along with 29 other leading health education and professional organizations, filed an amicus brief in August 2012 in support of the University of Texas at Austin. AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, M.D., issued a statement on the Court’s ruling, which said, in part, “The AAMC is pleased that the Supreme Court continues to recognize the educational benefits of diversity and the appropriateness of individualized, holistic review in admissions.”

http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/12pdf/11-345_l5gm.pdf <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552638:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>

https://www.aamc.org/newsroom/newsreleases/345874/062413.html <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552639:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>

https://www.aamc.org/download/301646/data/fisheramicusbrief.pdf <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552640:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


F. Daniel Duffy, MD, MACP, has announced that he is stepping down as Dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine’s School of Community Medicine. He will return to teaching as a Professor of Medicine and Steve Landgarten Chair in Medical Leadership. Ondria Gleason, MD, FAPA, FAPM, Chair of Psychiatry, has been appointed Interim Dean. She joined the faculty at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa in 1998.

http://www.ou.edu/content/tulsa/community_medicine/gleason.html <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552641:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


Bruce McClymonds, president and chief executive officer of WVU Hospitals (WVUH), announced to the hospital Board of Directors, management and staff on Friday that he will retire in May 2014. Mr. McClymonds joined the hospital organization as chief financial officer in 1989, served as chief operating officer in 1995-96, and was appointed to the top leadership post by the hospital board in 1997.

http://tinyurl.com/ke2teqn <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552642:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


NIH has announced that director Dr. Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., on Wednesday morning will announce his decision on NIH’s implementation of the Institute of Medicine principles and criteria on the use of chimpanzees in NIH-funded research.

http://tinyurl.com/lsyycbm <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552643:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


Science Insider on Monday reported that the National Cancer Institute has announced an RAS ‘Megaproject’, “to find ways to block a mutated protein that drives growth in one-third of all cancers but was thought impossible to ‘drug’ until now.”

http://tinyurl.com/op3nxe7 <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552644:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) on Monday released a workshop summary entitled, “Core Measurement Needs for Better Care, Better Health, and Lower Costs: Counting What Counts.”  According to the IOM, the workshop sought “to understand how to improve the nation’s measurement capacity to track progress in a core measure set for better quality, lower cost, improved patient and public engagement, and better health outcomes. Furthermore, the workshop considered factors influencing the implementation of core measure sets, including the data infrastructure, resources, and policies that are needed for the use of core metrics across independent organizations and providers.”

http://tinyurl.com/ng2uqr4 <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552645:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


The new issue of The New Yorker features an article titled, “The Lyme Wars.”  The article reports on the battle over how to treat Lyme Disease.

http://tinyurl.com/k34cdxc <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552646:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


Joseph Wu, MD, PhD, professor of cardiovascular medicine and of radiology, has been appointed director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.

http://med.stanford.edu/ism/2013/june/brief-wu-0624.html <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552647:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


An executive summary of the 2012 AAMC Annual Development Survey is now available.  In 2012, total mean philanthropic support for the 136 participating institutions decreased nearly 12 percent-from $53.9 million in 2011 to $47.7 million last year.  However, closer examination of the 118 institutions that responded to the survey in both fiscal years reveals that more than half raised more in total private support in 2012 than in 2011.

https://www.aamc.org/download/254274/data/ads-executive-summary.pdf <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552648:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


Robert A. Gabbay, M.D., Ph.D., has been appointed Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of the Joslin Diabetes Center, an independent institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Dr. Gabbay joins Joslin from the College of Medicine Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, where he is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Penn State Institute for Diabetes and Obesity and Penn State Hershey Diabetes Institute.

http://www.joslin.org/news/9871.html <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552649:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>


AAMC Diversity Policy and Programs has released a new video in its Diversity 3.0 Learning Series: “Exploring Unconscious Bias in Academic Medicine.” In the video, AAMC Chief Diversity Officer Marc A. Nivet, Ed.D., interviews Howard Ross, Founder & Chief Learning Officer of Cook Ross and author of ReInventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose, and Performance. AAMC also has partnered with Cook Ross to develop a three-day intensive program, “Learning Lab on Unconscious Bias in the Health Professions.” The training is designed specifically for administrators and faculty of academic medicine to dive deeper into the origins of unconscious bias and learn proven strategies and interventions for recognizing and preventing it in healthcare settings. The next Learning Lab takes place from July 23-25, 2013 and registration is open now.

http://tinyurl.com/qb8ujoa <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552650:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>  (video) http://tinyurl.com/cwzamal <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/21552651:23205006933:m:1:1612442508:6470B1491AE7028B5CD518CA054474B6:r>  (training program)


Tony Mazzaschi



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