Lee Graff Library has a New Consumer Health Collection

Library services is pleased to announce the opening of our new Consumer Health Collection.   The new collection has been established as a complement to the Biller Resource Center, for patients and family members/caregivers who may wish to conduct further research.  Although the collection is still in its infancy, patrons can currently access resources for patients, caregivers, children, young adults, and seniors.  In alignment with our organizational mission, the collection is primarily focused on consumer health information related to cancer and diabetes; however some general health resources are provided as well. In the future we plan to add books focused on wellness, which will be of interest to City of Hope staff too.

The collection covers a broad range of topics, and more specific resources include specific cancer types, alternative medicine, treatments and side effects, diet and nutrition, cookbooks, exercise and fitness, grief, spirituality, inspirational personal accounts and artistic compilations.  The collection is located near the front desk of the Graff Library next to the Popular Reading Collection. Patients and family members may browse the collection and check out items during our regular business hours, Monday –Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.   We look forward to your visit and feedback as we continue to develop this community resource.

If you would like to suggest titles for this collection, or donate recent books (copyright 2008+) contact Laura Brown, Clinical Librarian laurabrown@coh.org  or 63188.


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