Diversity and Inclusion Book and Film Club – brought to you by Organizational Development and the Library

lacks_coverThe library is pleased to help Organizational Development with their new Diversity and Inclusion Book and Film Club, part of their Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.  The club is currently featuring The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks for the first One City of Hope, One Story series of programs.  This book tells the story of the woman behind HeLa cells, touching on issues of informed consent, race, and barriers to health care while telling a riveting story.  We hope you will read the book (the library has lots of copies) and participate in some of the activities related to this book and the issues it raises.


Discussion groups: now through January 16.  All are currently full, but waiting lists are available.  Contact Diversity and Inclusion to get on a waiting list.  You can also participate in the discussion in our LinkedIn group.

The Way of All Flesh: January 15, 12-1 PM, Platt 3.  Join us for a BBC documentary that tells the story of Henrietta Lacks and HeLa cells.

Miss Evers’ Boys: January 31, 6-8 PM, Platt 3: This feature film starring Alfre Woodard and Laurence Fishburne tells the story of the Tuskegee syphilis experiments of the 1940s.

City of Hope panel presentation/discussion: date and details to be announced.

An Afternoon with David “Sonny” Lacks: February 28, 12-1 PM, Cooper Auditorium.  The son of Henrietta Lacks, along with another family member, will discuss the impact this book has had on the Lacks family, issues of race, ethics, and the commercialization of human tissue and Henrietta’s unparalleled contribution to science.  You may submit questions for Sonny at diversityandinclusion@coh.org.

An Evening with David “Sonny” Lacks: February 28, evening (exact time to be announced), Pasadena Public Library.


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