NIH Public Access policy reporting changes; NIH PAP January workshops scheduled

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently issued the below two announcements related to the NIH Public Access policy changes:

  • Upcoming Changes to Public Access Policy Reporting Requirements and Related NIH Efforts to Enhance Compliance (NOT-OD-12-160): Beginning in Spring 2013 at the earliest, NIH will delay processing non-competing continuation grant awards if peer-reviewed journal articles arising from those projects are not in compliance with the NIH Public Access policy; and
  • Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) Module and Training Webinar Available to NIH Grantees (NIH NOT-OD-12-142): In Spring 2013, NIH plans to require Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) usage for most Streamlined Non-competing Award Process (SNAP) and Fellowship awards, and to test out the use of RPPR for non-SNAP awards during the 2013 calendar year (see the RPPR Web site for training materials).

In response to these recent NIH notices, Library Services would like to remind you that we partner with you to comply with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy, which became law in January 2008 and effective April 7, 2008. This law requires NIH-funded published research journal articles to be freely available through PubMed Central within 12 months of the publication date.

Andrea Lynch, Scholarly Communication Librarian, is available to:

  • help you set up My NBCI My Bibliography in order to manage your compliance with the policy;
  • submit final, peer-reviewed author manuscripts and supplemental material on your behalf;
  • answer questions; and
  • provide consultations as well as workshops and presentations.

We’ve scheduled sessions that focus on the NIH Public Access policy and setting up a My NCBI My Bibliography for managing compliance and reporting publications. Please go here to register for the January sessions. More sessions will be scheduled after the holidays.

For questions and/or help with NIH Public Access Policy compliance, don’t hesitate to contact Andrea (; x60520).


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