From the archives: City of Hope’s employee publication, Scope


December, 1974, issue of Scope. Click to view full page.

There are a number of wonderful collections in the Archives but one of the best for learning about City of Hope during the 1960s and 1970s is Scope.  The first issue of the employee publication came out July 1964 and continued with a complete run until early 1980. It reappeared in 1989 but by 1993 it was no longer issued.

A typical issue of Scope covered a range of topics.  It might feature a staff person, a new building on campus, a scientific or medical discovery, or a new program.  In the December 1974 issue, Pediatrics Unit Service Coordinator Betty Salvat, the three winners of City of Hope’s Rose Parade Float queen (note recent retiree Karen McCurdy was named Queen), and the 1st City of Hope Lunch-In made the front page, giving a glimpse into day-to-day life on campus.

With the assistance of Monique French, library aide, the collection is now scanned, making access to the newsletter easier as well as protecting the originals for the future.


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