A view from our new walking station!

Graff Library building walking station

View from the walking station in the Graff Library building

You know we have computers in the Graff Library building, but now we have an additional computer that you can use while you walk. And it has a beautiful view.

Need to peruse a print book or journal? Walk and read at the same time. Need to scan your email before attending a meeting or seminar? Stop by the Graff Library building and log into your email from our walking station. And don’t forget to log your use so that we track how popular it is.

What is a walking station? It is a work station equipped with a treadmill and adjustable-height desk. Don’t worry…you can’t go faster than 2 miles per hour! Walking station in Graff Library

A big thank you goes to the Wellness Council and Information Technology Services for providing the walking station and computer!


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