AAMC News and Leadership Announcements: Election Special

A special edition of the AAMC News and Leadership Announcements was published yesterday, featuring links to a number of articles and web sites on science and health care issues and the presidential election.  Enjoy!

“Why Science Is A Non-Issue in the Election…Again,” was the title of a Science Friday program on NPR. The guests predicted that science and research would not enter into the campaign debate, a predication that has been proven true. A transcript of the program is now available on-line.

http://tinyurl.com/cbr6reg <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249186:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“Science and Technology in the 2012 Presidential Election,” is a web resource posted by AAAS. The candidates were asked various questions on science and research topics and their responses have been posted, along with other related resources.

http://elections.aaas.org/ <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249187:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“Your Candidates-Your Health 2012,” is an initiative of Research!America and various partners. All 2012 presidential and congressional candidates were invited to let voters know where they stand on health and research issues by filling out a brief questionnaire. The responses that have been received are available on-line.

http://www.yourcandidatesyourhealth.org/ <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249188:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


Fourteen of the “The Top American Science Questions: 2012” were posed to both presidential candidates by ScienceDebate.Org. The initiative was co-sponsored by AAAS, the National Academies, and Scientific American, among others. The responses have been posted on-line. Separately, Scientific American rates each candidate’s response.

http://www.sciencedebate.org/debate12/ <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249189:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


Former Governor Romney’s web page contains issue sections that include: healthcare, education, and Medicare.

http://www.mittromney.com/issues <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249190:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


President Obama’s web page contains issues sections that include: health care, education and innovation.

http://www.barackobama.com/issues <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249191:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“Securing the Future of American Health Care” and “Replacing Obamacare with Real Health Care Reform,” essays listed as written by President Obama and former Governor Romney, appeared in the September 26 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1211514 <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249192:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>

http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1211516 <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249193:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“When It Comes to Science and Tech, Are There Really Any Differences Between Obama and Romney?” was the title of an article posted on Slate that summarizes a recent conference held at the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C.

http://tinyurl.com/9nffm2v <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249194:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“The Obligation for Biologists to Commit to Political Advocacy,” by Dr. Thomas D. Pollard, appeared in the October 12 issue of Cell. Dr. Pollard, a cell biologist, explains “why all scientists should feel obligated to do their part to support the community by advocating for the benefits of government investments in scientific research and training.”

http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2012.09.026 <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249195:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“Health Care Policy Under President Romney,” by Eli Y. Adashi, M.D., John E. McDonough, D.P.H., M.P.A., and Kartik K. Venkatesh, Ph.D., appeared on-line on October 10, on the New England Journal of Medicine web-site and in this week’s print edition. The authors provide a critical review of the GOP candidate’s health care reform proposals.

http://tinyurl.com/924fz7u <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249196:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“The Shortfalls of ‘Obamacare,’” by Gail R. Wilensky, Ph.D., appeared on-line on October 10 on the New England Journal of Medicine web site and in this week’s print edition. Dr. Wilensky promotes market reforms as alternatives to the Affordable Care Act.

http://tinyurl.com/95wjr9g <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249197:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


“Reproductive Freedom and the 2012 Presidential Election” by Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS, and I. Glenn Cohen, JD, was posted on the JAMA Forum on October 11. The authors assert “…the positions articulated by President Obama and Governor Romney in the domain of reproductive freedom may well be a factor in the 2012 election, because an analysis reveals 2 very different points of view.”

http://tinyurl.com/9ns6t2k <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249198:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


Sixty-eight Nobel Prize awardees issued a letter to the American people last week endorsing President Obama for re-election.

http://tinyurl.com/94cv9pr <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249199:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate for president. He is a former Republican governor of New Mexico (1995-2003). The Green Party presidential candidate is Dr. Jill Stein, a physician from Massachusetts. There web pages highlight their positions on various issues.

http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/front <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249200:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>

http://www.jillstein.org/ <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249201:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


The upcoming AAMC Annual Meeting (November 2-7) in San Francisco overlaps with election day. On election day, there will be a Political Spotlight session (8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Moscone West Ballroom) featuring Dan Schnur, Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics, University of Southern California. There also will be a special Election Night Event (6:00 pm–9:00 pm Marriott Golden Gate Salon B).

https://www.aamc.org/meetings/annual/2012_annual_meeting/ <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249202:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


And finally…Unlike most of us, the late night talk show hosts have enjoyed the presidential campaign.  Collections of their barbs have been collected on-line.

http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/mittromney/a/Mitt-Romney-Jokes.htm <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249203:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>

http://politicalhumor.about.com/od/barackobama/a/obamajokes.htm <http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/18249204:20776459028:m:1:1612442508:1AD3182DC9E57C510A7ECF98D32CC104:r>


Tony Mazzaschi



PS: Feel free to email <cas@aamc.org> if you have a problem accessing any article or resource mentioned in this summary. Also, have colleagues email <cas@aamc.org> if they would like to receive these news postings. We also welcome news tips and corrections.


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