We’re in the pilot phase! Update on our online publication database

As you may know, Library Services and ITS Research have been working with an outside vendor to create an online database of COH publications. The system is now in pilot phase. As part of this phase, we’ve extended access to the system beyond our working group and have asked a small group of  researchers, core facility directors, and administrative personnel to use it, and provide us with feedback.

Right now the database contains City of Hope publications from 2000-present that are indexed in PubMed. We are continuing to add COH publications (including books and book chapters) as well as connect publications with COH employee information to help with author disambiguation and enhance publication records to include information on what core facilities supported the research.

We will release the system to the rest of the COH community in the new year, but for now have chosen just a few more people to use it so that we can address any issues as well as make further modifications before it is released in its final form in 2013.

Our goal is to include all COH publications from 2000 to present in the initial system release.

Want to know more about the system? Have questions? Please contact the library (library@coh.org or x68497) or stop by the Graff Library front desk to discuss the system with us. If you missed previous updates about the system, take a look at these posts:

Coming this summer: A database of COH publications

Preliminary testing: COH publications database


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