Use COH customized PubMed for better results

Recently PubMed has changed the way it looks and the way you search.  Gone are the limits at the top of the screen.  Now to narrow your search you use filters.  For more information regarding this change, see our May 21st post.

To make your PubMed searching easier, we recommend you use our customized link to PubMed, PubMed@COH. You can find a link to it on the library home page. This takes you to a site that automatically includes the button linking you to our full text, term highlighting, and a number of automatic filters that appear to the right of your search results.

To filter your results click on the “+” to the right of the selected filter then click on the “Search” button.  You may use this method to add multiple filters to your search  (i.e. Last 5 years, English & Humans).

Note: Our customized filters will not appear if you automatically log into your MyNCBI account. To create a filters sidebar for your account you can follow a 2-minute video tutorial  PubMed: The Filters Sidebar  or contact the library (X68497) and one of the librarians would be glad to help.


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