Our library video — “Accomplishing More as We Work Together: Collaborating with the Library”

We now have a video promoting our library! The video was created in response to a  contest promoted earlier this year: “Smells Like Team Spirit: Partnerships to Move Your Library Forward.” The videos selected as finalists were to be part of the in-person program held during the Medical Library Association Annual Conference that was scheduled for May 18th through 23rd in Seattle, WA.

Library Services submitted a video entitled “Collaborations and partnerships: We accomplish much more when we work together”; it was accepted as a finalist and shown on May 21st during the aforementioned conference program.

By partnering with other departments, we ensure that the resources we acquire and the services we offer are relevant to the entire City of Hope scientific and research community. From our journal and book collections to presentations and outreach events, we accomplish more when we work together. When departments collaborate with us, the staff of Library Services, everyone benefits.

We can help you achieve your goals. Let’s work together!

Thanks to the following people for starring in our video and making it possible:

  • Marcia Miller, PhD, Associate Chairman & Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology; and Director, Electron Microscopy Core facility;
  • Kate Sleeth, PhD, Past President of the Post-Doctoral Association at City of Hope; and Academic Programs Administrator, Professional Education;
  • Valerie Smith, MA, Business Director, Population Sciences;
  • Matthew Stringer, Web Specialist, Web & Internet Marketing; and
  • Keely Walker, PhD, Manager, Scientific Writing and Editing.

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