An insightful addition to the NIH Web site

Last Thursday, the National Institutes of Health announced a new Web site section focusing on the health, economic, and community impact of  NIH-supported research. This new Impact section is available here: You will also find this area added to the “About NIH” page and “NIH at a Glance” tab of their Home page. This entire new NIH Web section is worth thorough review, especially for the examples, data, and reports that are being highlighted.

The content includes 4 areas with links to new fact sheets, economic reports, news articles, and videos detailing the impact that NIH and NIH-supported research has made on:

  1. Our Health
  2. Our Economy
  3. Our Community
  4. Our Knowledge
Take a look at the “Our Community” section. The NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) is prominently featured. One interesting tidbit is the state funding amounts for the 2012 fiscal year, where you can see that California institutions received the most awards and funding dollars from NIH.

If you do explore these pages and want to share what you find interesting, come back and leave a comment. We’d love to know what stood out for you!


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