New PubMed features: filters sidebar, separating authors with similar names

Two new PubMed features were rolled out earlier this month:

Filters Sidebar Replaces Limits Page

When you do a search in PubMed, you will see a new sidebar with options for filtering your search result by date, article type, language, and more.  Just click on the filter you wish to use, and PubMed will display only those articles that match the filter.  The sidebar replaces the Limits page.  Here’s a screenshot (taken from an NLM document describing the new feature) showing the sidebar:

Screen capture of PubMed results with default filter sidebar options

Computed Author Sort Display (a/k/a separating authors with similar names)

Some authors have the same or similar names, making it difficult to identify which paper is associated with which person.  PubMed has introduced a new feature that will attempt to separate papers by different authors with similar names, based on the terms used in the citations and abstracts for the papers.  More information is available from a recent NLM Technical Bulletin explaining the new feature.


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