Find the Perfect Journal to Publish Your Research

Library Services can help you identify journals to consider submitting your manuscript. In my role of Scholarly Communication Librarian, I can search on your title and/or abstract using some free and library-purchased tools — such as Journal / Author Name Estimater (JANE), Web of Science, and Scopus — and provide you with information about the journals identified, like Journal Impact Factor and where the journal is indexed.

Here are some quotes from people who have used this service:

“Your service helped affirm some journals that I thought would be good homes for our work, but also brought up new journals that I had not considered before. Thanks” — Peter P. Lee, MD; Cancer Immunotherapeutics & Tumor Immunology

“We got our paper accepted in DCI [Developmental and Comparative Immunology].  It is 51 pages (51 pages are as submitted [double spaced] prior to “type-setting” for the journal printed pages) plus a huge set of files in the appendix.  Thank you very much.” — Marcia M. Miller, PhD; Molecular & Cellular Biology

Interested in knowing more? Have a title and abstract ready to send my way? Contact me at or x60520.

Want to do it yourself? Check out the blog post that outlines the steps.

Have your own method? Have a favorite tool you use? Share your method, tools, and ideas with your colleagues and peers by leaving a comment below.


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