Library Services Annual Report, 2011

2011 was a busy, productive year for the library!  This short report summarizes our major events and accomplishments, with links to additional information on the blog and elsewhere as needed. If you have any questions or would like more information about anything mentioned here, please contact the library via phone (626-301-8497 or x68497) or email.

Staff and Organizational Changes

The library had several staff changes in 2011, as we bid farewell to Anne Dillibe upon her retirement and welcomed two new staff members, Monique French and Laura Brown.  Laura’s arrival kicked off our new Clinical Librarian Program, which provides specialized, customized services to City of Hope physicians, nurses, and other clinicians to support evidence-based practice and clinical decision-making.  Then in September, the City of Hope Archives became part of Library Services.

New Projects and Services

We launched ILLiad, a new system for managing interlibrary loan and document delivery requests in January 2011; see our announcement here on the blog for more information.  At the same time, we eliminated charges for routine interlibrary loan requests.  A $20 fee still applies for rush requests.

Early in 2011, we kicked off a new project to develop and maintain a database of City of Hope publications.  This project is currently under development, with multiple phases scheduled to be implemented over the next few years.  When the first phase is done, the database will contain information about journal articles written by City of Hope staff and students.  This information will support a variety of administrative and other functions, including preparing progress reports for grants, reporting on publications associated with core facilities, and maintaining publication information for CVs and biosketches.

Finally, in late 2011, we implemented a new suite of tools to improve access to our electronic collections, including a new A-Z list of journals and a new link resolver.

On the administrative side, we are working on a new three-year strategic plan.  To prepare for that, we surveyed the City of Hope community in late 2010 and our peer libraries in 2011.  You can find the results of both the user survey and the peer survey here on our blog.


The library’s electronic collections continue to be heavily used; preliminary analysis indicates that over 500,000 journal articles were downloaded in 2011.

We expanded our collection in several areas in 2011:

New Journals

We began subscribing to the following journals, all based on requests from our users:

You can find links to all of these journals, as well as over 45,000 other electronic journals and books, on our Online Journals, eBooks, etc. list.

New Books

  • In 2011 we purchased 219 print books and 157 electronic books, and we gained access to an additional 667 electronic books that are freely available online, including all e-books from the National Academy Press.   We also added 66 titles to our popular reading collection.
  • Thanks to a generous gift from Thomas A. Maloney, we were able to expand our Career & Professional Development Collection.  The collection now includes 58 titles, both print (located in the Graduate School Reading Room) and electronic.


Scientific and medical literature becomes dated quickly.  In 2011 we began reviewing our print book collection, removing titles that are out of date and/or have not been used in many years.  We hope that this project will free up space for new print titles as well as other purposes.

The Library Building

Though most of our journal collection is online, the library building and our print collection continue to be valuable resources for the City of Hope community.  In 2011, print materials were checked out 1661 times, and the library building was visited after hours over 3200 times.  We hope to make the library building even more useful and welcoming by redesigning and reconfiguring the space to reflect current needs.  We began assessing user needs for library space in 2011, and we will assess how our current space is used in 2012.  As soon as funding is available, we hope to begin working with an architect to plan a redesign of library space.  In the meantime, we are making small improvements as funds permit.  In 2011, we added lights and power to all of our study carrels, and we updated our signage to make it more visible and informative.

Outreach and Marketing

Since so much of our use is virtual rather than in person, it can be a challenge to keep users informed about new additions to the collection and other changes to Library Services.  To make sure you, our users, know about everything the library can do to help you in your work, we began reaching out to you in new ways:

Staff Accomplishments

The library staff strive every day to provide you with the information you need, when and where you need it.  In addition, we attend and present at conferences, write for publication, and attend workshops and other events to learn new skills and keep up with our rapidly-changing profession.  Here’s a snapshot of our activities in 2011:

  • Laura Brown, Janet Crum, Monique French, Susan Koscielski, and Andrea Lynch presented a poster at the City of Hope Science Week Poster Session, entitled “Soup to Nuts: How the Library Collaborates with You from the Beginning of Your Research to the End.”
  • John Carrigan attended Internet Librarian 2011.
  • Janet Crum had an article published in the October issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association, “An availability study of electronic articles in an academic health sciences library.”  The full text of the article is available in PubMed Central.
  • Janet Crum and Andrea Lynch attended the Medical Library Association (MLA) Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Janet Crum was elected chair-elect of the Cancer Librarians Section of the Medical Library Association and secretary of the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA).
  • Susan Koscielski attended an online course, Cataloging Basics 101.
  • Andrea Lynch served as MLA Chapter Council Representative for MLGSCA as well as MLGSCA Assistant Webmaster.

2012 and Beyond

Despite our recent budget cuts, we hope that 2012 will be another successful, exciting year for the library.  We have some new services in the works, and we are working on a new three-year strategic plan to chart our course in the coming years.  To help us in our planning, please share your suggestions, comments, or complaints via phone (626-301-8497 or x68497) or email.  We always want to hear from you!

Special Thanks to the Library Advisory Committee

The library staff would like to thank the members of the Library Advisory Committee for their invaluable advice and support.  Thanks very much to:

  • Warren Chow, MD, Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research
  • David Horne, PhD, Molecular Medicine
  • Kathe Kelly, RN, BSN, OCN, Nursing Research & Education
  • Yvette Lane-Newton, MA, Postdoctoral Studies Program Manager
  • Benjamin T. Laroya, RN, MSN, CNS, Patient & Family Education Coordinator, Supportive Care Medicine
  • Lauren Liddell, Graduate Student
  • Mary Mendelsohn, MSN, Director, Quality, Patient Safety & Risk
  • Marcia Miller, PhD, Associate Chairman & Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • Robert Morgan, MD, Medical Oncology
  • Steve Novak, PhD, Associate Dean, Irell & Manella Graduate School of Biological Sciences of City of Hope
  • Kate Sleeth, PhD, Postdoctoral Assocation
  • Tim Synold, PhD, Molecular Pharmacology
  • Susan Yates, MA, Archival Program Manager
  • Yate-Ching Yuan, PhD, Bioinformatics Core

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