2011 Science Week Poster — “Soup to Nuts: How the Library Collaborates with You from the Beginning of Your Research to the End”

Back in November 2011, Library Services participated in City of Hope’s Science Week activities. The last event was scheduled on Friday, November 11th, and was a poster session with the theme of “Collaboration: Scientific Discovery and Medical Breakthroughs.” This event was a great opportunity for us to discuss how the library fits into the research process and promote our services and resources.

Check out the poster we presented by clicking on the image. This is a great opportunity to see the services and resources we highlighted during this event, such as the new ILLiad system for placing free interlibrary loan requests (when we don’t subscribe to the journal or don’t have the book as part of our print or electronic collection) and free electronic document delivery orders for journal articles and book chapters we have in our print collection.

And, before you check out the poster, read the abstract below.

From helping you maximize your time in PubMed to making sure your NIH-funded publications are compliant with the NIH Public Access policy, the Graff Library staff support your research from beginning to end. Educational opportunties and one-one-one research consultations scheduled around your calendar, as well as weekly scholarly communciation office hours are available for researchers, faculty, post-docs, students, and others involved in research. You set the agenda, whether it be to learn how to perform effective searches in PubMed, become effective EndNote users, identify journals in which to publish your manuscript, submit your NIH-funded manuscript to the NIH Manuscript Submission system for PubMed Central inclusion, and/or anything in between. Come by, stop in, phone, or email to connect with us!

Library Services poster for City of Hope's 2011 Science Week poster session

Have questions about these services? Want to schedule a one-on-one session to discuss these resources and services in more detail to see how they fit in your own research process? Contact us (library@coh.org; x68497; or stop-by the Graff Library building) or leave a comment below!


2 Responses to 2011 Science Week Poster — “Soup to Nuts: How the Library Collaborates with You from the Beginning of Your Research to the End”

  1. Frances Chu says:

    Very cool!

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