Canceling 2 journals from Wiley

Due to low use and high cost, we will be canceling our subscriptions to the following journals from Wiley:

We will retain access to issues from the years during which we subscribed.  If you need access to more recent articles, you can request them via our interlibrary loan service.  There’s a link to interlibrary loan on the righthand side of our web site, or you can go directly to our interlibrary loan system.  The first time you use the system, you will need to create an account.  After that, just log in to submit a request.  If you’re using a database like PubMed, click on the  button.  If we don’t have full text access, you will see a link to interlibrary loan.  Click that link and log in, and the interlibrary loan request form will be pre-populated with the article information.  The average turnaround time varies depending on which libraries have the journal, but it’s usually 2 to 7 days.   The library subsidizes interlibrary loan fees, so standard requests are free to all City of Hope staff.

We decided to cancel these titles after calculating cost per use data for all our Wiley subscriptions.  We then prepared a short list of proposed cancellations based on this data and shared that list by emailing #BRI and the Library Advisory Committee, asking for feedback.  Based on the feedback we received, we chose to keep several titles that, though they aren’t used heavily, appear to be quite important to small groups of users.

We will continue to calculate cost per use and other metrics and request feedback from you, our users, to ensure that we are spending our budget dollars in the most effective way possible.


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