Something for everyone: Take a look at our revamped Library Services brochures

This past year, Library Services updated and revamped our two brochures: 1) a general overview of our resources and service; and 2) one that focuses on after hours access to the Graff Library building.

  • Orienting new colleagues about the library? Interviewing a potential candidate for a position here at City of Hope? Providing a tour to visitors? Print these brochures and hand them out during your library tour or when you talk about Library Services. We also provide print copies at the front desk in the Graff Library building. Or, better yet, let us know when you plan to stop by and we would be happy to provide a brief tour and a copy of each brochure.
  • Need a refresher about all the cool things Library Services can do for you, saving you time? Take a look at the brochures, then let us know what follow-up questions you may have about how we can save you time and energy.

Also noteworthy is that these two brochures are now included in new employee orientation packets provided by Organizational Development. In addition, we provide printed copies to Biller Center staff for distribution to our patients and their family members.


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