Library budget cuts for FY12

Like many departments at City of Hope, the Graff Library is operating with a reduced budget in FY12.  Our non-personnel operating budget has been reduced by nearly 15% over FY11 funding, while the cost of journals and books continues to rise.  This budget reduction, coupled with average inflation of 4 to 8% for journals and books, required us to reduce expenses by approximately $194,000.  Since the vast majority of our budget is devoted to collections, there was no way to absorb a cut of this magnitude without cutting subscriptions.

We based our cancellation decisions on the best evidence we could gather in the relatively short time between when we received our budget and when subscription renewals were due.  We were somewhat limited in our choices, because many of our journals are purchased as part of large collections.  The collections include many irrelevant titles, but it would cost more to subscribe to just the relevant titles than it does to subscribe to the entire collection (similar to the way cable TV subscriptions work; to get the 10 channels you watch, you have to subscribe to a package of 300).  So, after identifying titles and collections that weren’t part of these large packages, we gathered usage data and identified materials that were underutilized and/or had a high cost per use.  We then reviewed each title or package on this list carefully and identified the following items to be canceled in 2012:


  • Springer electronic book collections in behavioral science, biomedical and life science, and medicine We restored the latter two collections by reducing our print book budget, as usage was quite high. (titles published in 2012 only; we will retain access to titles published in previous years)
  • Electronic journals from BePress (66 journals, only a few of which are relevant for City of Hope)
  • Community of Science Funding Opportunities database
  • Electronic journals from Mary Ann Liebert (81 titles; we will subscribe individually to the 2 titles with highest use)

Individual Journals (not part of packages)

  • Acta Cytologica
  • American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • British Journal of Radiology (available free online with 2-year embargo)
  • Clinical Chemistry (available free online with 1-year embargo)
  • Clinical Nuclear Medicine
  • Cytogenetic and Genome Research
  • International Journal of Radiation Biology
  • Investigative Radiology
  • Journal of Clinical Psychiatry
  • Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries
  • Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology, Oncology
  • Journal of Interprofessional Care (available through another provider with 1-year embargo)
  • Journal of Library Administration
  • Journal of Neurovirology
  • Learning and Memory (available free online with 1-year embargo)
  • Medicine
  • Modern Health Care
  • Nursing Administration Quarterly

In addition to the titles above, we canceled some duplicate subscriptions, e.g. print subscriptions for titles available online or individual subscriptions for titles available as part of a package.

We did our best to create the least negative impact on the campus while staying within our budgetary limits.  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about the cancellations or the cancellation process.  If we have canceled a title that is critical for your work, please let us know, so we can make it a priority for restoration as soon as our budget situation improves.


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