Catalog updates: e-books, new look and feel

The Graff Library catalog has a new look–and over 4000 electronic books.  We have updated the branding in the catalog, modernizing it and making it look more like our web site.  We’ve also redesigned the top-level page (see the screenshot above) and search results pages to make the catalog easier to use.

But the changes are more than skin-deep.  We have also added over 4000 records for electronic books to the catalog, making them easier to find.  Previously, our electronic books could be found only on our Online Journals, Books, etc., page and could only be searched by title.  Now they can be searched alongside our print books by author, title, subject, keyword, and more.  We still have more electronic books to add to the catalog, but within a month or so, we hope to have them all in.

Here’s an example of a catalog record for an electronic book:

Just click the Connect to link to access the full text of the book.

Please let us know what you think of these changes.  We want all of our tools to be useful and user-friendly.


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