Online Access to Bioinformatics from 1996 to Present

We now have online access to the Bioinformatics journal from 1996 to present. Connect to Bioinformatics by:

  • Searching Bioinformatics article contents via PubMed or Web of Science; be sure to connect to PubMed through our library Home page using the link from the Library Quicklinks pull-down menu; Look for the “Find it @ COH” icon when reviewing results;
  • Clicking on “Online Journals, eBooks, etc.” link from our Home page and search for Bioinformatics as a journal title;
  • Searching for Bioinformatics as a title using the Graff Library Catalog, and clicking on the “ONLINE ACCESS” link; or
  • Clicking here.

Thanks to Dr. Yuan Yate-Ching, Sue Hargrave, and Dr. Xutao Deng for suggesting the Graff Library subscribe electronically to Bioinformatics.

If you would like to see a book (in print or online) in the library’s collection or have online access to a journal, please:

For books, we make purchase decisions primarily based on cost.  For journals, in addition to cost we consider where the journal is indexed, how long it has been published, and how much it is likely to be used.  We will notify you of our decision as soon as possible.


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