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The following books were recently added to Graff Library collection. Check out our new “New Books” shelf near the library entrance!

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles
Miscellaneous Titles
Popular Reading Collection

Basic Sciences Titles

REF QD 65 H236 2008
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics
edited by David R. Lide.
89th ed.

QH 324.2 Z96u 2008
Understanding bioinformatics
Marketa Zvelebil & Jeremy O. Baum.

QH 585.5.M52 M6263 2009
Microinjection : methods and applications
edited by David J. Carroll.

QH 588.S83 G328 2009
Genetic modification of hematopoietic stem cells : methods and protocols
edited by Christopher Baum.

QH 588.S83 S747 2009
Stem cells in regenerative medicine
edited by Julie Audet, William L. Stanford.

QK 745 P713 2009
Plant hormones : methods and protocols
edited by Sean Cutler and Dario Bonetta.
2nd ed.

QS 531 D536 2008
Diagnostic histochemistry
edited by Mark R. Wick.

QT 34 B6162 2009
Biosensors and biodetection : methods and protocols
edited by Avraham Rasooly and Keith E. Herold.

QU 55 H638 2009
High throughput protein expression and purification : methods and protocols
edited by Sharon A. Doyle.

QU 55 N96342 2009
The nuclear receptor superfamily
edited by Iain J. McEwan.

QU 55 P962 2008
Probes and tags to study biomolecular function : for proteins, RNA, and membranes
edited by Lawrence W. Miller.

QU 55 R3111 2009
Recombinant proteins from plants : methods and protocols
edited by Loïc Faye and Véronique Gomord.

QU 55.7 M5333 2009
Membrane proteomics : methods and protocols
edited by Matthew J. Peirce and Robin Wait.

QU 58.7 S621 2009
siRNA and miRNA gene silencing : from bench to bedside
edited by Mouldy Sioud.

QU 75 E96 2008
Experimental glycoscience. Glycobiology
N. Taniguchi … [et al.] (eds.).

QU 75 E962 208
Experimental glycoscience. Glycochemistry
N. Taniguchi … [et al.] (eds.).

QW 161 B131 2009
Bacteriophages : methods and protocols
edited by Martha R.J. Clokie and Andrew M. Kropinski.

QW 166 H9172 2008
Human cancer viruses : principles of transformation and pathogenesis
volume editors, John Nicholas, Kuan-Teh Jeang, T.-C. Wu.

QW 170 H529 2009
Hepatitis C methods and protocols
edited by Hengli Tang.
2nd ed.

QW 180.5.D38 C2171 2009
Candida albicans : methods and protocols
edited by Ronald L. Cihlar and Richard A. Calderone.

QW 541 N964 2008
Nucleic acids in innate immunity
edited by Ken J. Ishii, Shizuo Akira.

QY 95 M6258 2009
Microchip methods in diagnostics
edited by Ursula Bilitewski.

SB 731 P7135 2009
Plant pathology : techniques and protocols
edited by Robert Burns.

WC 503.6 H6766 2009
HIV protocols
edited by Vinayaka R. Prasad and Ganjam V. Kalpana.
2nd ed.

WI 770 H5292 2009
Hepatocyte transplantation : methods and protocols
edited by Anil Dhawan, Robin D. Hughes.

WK 815 S989 2007
Defining optimal immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes
[editors, Gregory Bock and Jamie Goode].

Clinical Titles

QV 772 P575 2009
PDR for nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs
30th ed.

REF QV 772 P578 2009
Physicians’ desk reference
63rd ed.

QZ 4 R716a 2008
Atlas of gross pathology : with histologic correlation
Alan G. Rose.

QZ 50 G33535 2009
Genomic and personalized medicine
Huntington F. Willard and Geoffrey S. Ginsburg.
1st ed.

QZ 202 N4946 2009
Neurologic complications of cancer
Lisa M. DeAngelis, Jerome B. Posner.
2nd ed.

QZ 230 H2345 2009
Handbook of cancer control and behavioral science : a resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers
edited by Suzanne M. Miller … [et al.].
1st ed.

W 20.5 P853f 2009
Foundations of clinical research : applications to practice
Leslie G. Portney, Mary P. Watkins.
3rd ed.

W 322 R289e 2006
Ethical standards in social work : a review of the NASW code of ethics
Frederic G. Reamer.

WB 107 A185 2009
ACP manual of critical care
editor, Suhail Raoof ; associate editors, Liziamma George, Anthony Saleh ; contributing editor, Arthur Sung.

WC 100 C6416 2008
Clinical infectious disease
edited by David Schlossberg.

WE 707 P8953 2009
Practical head and neck oncology
[edited by] Guy J. Petruzzelli.

WF 141 H992i 2009
Interpretation of pulmonary function tests : a practical guide
Robert E. Hyatt, Paul D. Scanlon, Masao Nakamura.
3rd ed.

WF 600 D133 2008
Dail and Hammar’s pulmonary pathology
editor-in-chief, Joseph F. Tomashefski, Jr. ; associate editors, Philip T. Cagle, Carol F. Farver, Armando E. Fraire.
3rd ed.

WG 370 K195h 2009
Heart failure : pathophysiology, molecular biology, and clinical management
Arnold M. Katz, Marvin A. Konstam.
2nd ed.

WH 250 H4867 2008
Hematologic malignancies : acute leukemias
[edited by] E.H. Estey, S.H. Faderl, H.M. Kantarjian.

WI 230 T355 2008
Textbook and color atlas of salivary gland pathology : diagnosis and management
by Eric R. Carlson, Robert A. Ord.

WI 810 P18813 2008
Pancreatic cancer
Andrew M. Lowy, Steven D. Leach, Philip A. Philip, editors.

WJ 140 G781u 2009
Urologic disorders : adult and pediatric care
Mikel Gray, Katherine N. Moore.

WJ 140 P485u 2009
Urologic pathology
authors, Robert O. Petersen, Isabell A. Sesterhenn, Charles J. Davis Jr.
3rd ed.

WJ 300 K467 2009
Kidney research : experimental protocols
edited by Tim D. Hewitson, Gavin J. Becker.

WK 820 I596075 2008
Insulin resistance : childhood precursors and adult disease
Philip S. Zeitler, Kristen J. Nadeau, editors.

WL 100 H236 V.82 2007
Motor neuron disorders and related diseases
volume editors, Andrew A. Eisen and Pamela J. Shaw.

WL 704 C737 2007
Complementary therapies for pain management : an evidence-based approach
editors, Edzard Ernst, Max H. Pittler, Barbara Wider ; assistant editor, Kate Boddy ; foreword by Andrew Moore.

WL 704 P14563 2008
Pain in children : a practical guide for primary care
edited by Gary A. Walco, Kenneth R. Goldschneider ; foreword by Charles B. Berde.

WO 100 S9613 2008
Surgery : basic science and clinical evidence
edited by Jeffrey A. Norton … [et al.].
2nd ed.

WP 870 R813r 2009
Rosen’s breast pathology
Paul Peter Rosen.
3rd ed.

WY 20.5 F278e 2009
Evaluating research for evidence-based nursing practice
Jacqueline Fawcett, Joan Garity.

Miscellaneous Titles

QY 57 A579 2008
Anesthesia and analgesia in laboratory animals.
edited by Richard E. Fish … [et al.].
2nd ed.

QY 59 P431p 2007
Pathology of laboratory rodents and rabbits
by Dean H. Percy and Stephen W. Barthold.
3rd ed.

SF 997.5.E95 J92e 2008
Exotic animal care & management
Vicki Judah, Kathy Nuttall.

REF WX 22 AA1 A53 2009
AHA guide to the health care field
2009 ed.

Popular Reading Collection

Blood matters: from inherited illness to designer babies, how the world and I found ourselves in the future of the gene
Masha Gesen

What would Google do?
Jeff Jarvis

Unaccustomed earth
Jhumpa Lahiri

The girl with the dragon tattoo
Stieg Larsson

The drunkard’s walk: how randomness rules our lives
Leonard Mlodinow

Lush life
Richard Price

The survivors club: the secrets and science that could save your life
Ben Sherwood

American wife
Curtis Sittenfeld

Cutting for stone
Abraham Verghese

Everything is miscellaneous: the power of the new digital disorder


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