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The following books were recently added to Graff Library collection.

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles
Miscellaneous Titles
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Basic Sciences Titles

QH 441 B6146 2007
edited by Paul H. Dear.

QH 441 B6154 2008
edited by Jonathan M. Keith.

QH 450.25 R6265 2008
RNA and DNA editing : molecular mechanisms and their integration into biological systems
edited by Harold C. Smith.

QH 600.3 T2774 2008
Telomeres and telomerase in aging, disease, and cancer : molecular mechanisms of adult stem cell ageing
K. Lenhard Rudolph, editor.

Single-molecule techniques : a laboratory manual
edited by Paul R. Selvin, Taekjip Ha.

QL 937 F832m 2008
The mouse brain in stereotaxic coordinates
Keith B.J. Franklin, George Paxinos.
3rd ed.

QS 515 T319 2008
Terminologia histologica : international terms for human cytology and histology
Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology (FICAT).

QS 604 L3345 2009
Larsen’s human embryology
Gary C. Schoenwolf … [et al.].
4th ed.

QU 55.6 B615 2007
The biology of extracellular molecular chaperones
[editors, Derek J. Chadwick and Jamie Goode].

QU 55.9 P9688 2008
Protein structure prediction
edited by Mohammed J. Zaki and Christopher Bystroff.
2nd ed.

QU 58 M718 2008
Molecular beacons : signalling nucleic acid probes, methods, and protocols
edited by Andreas Marx and Oliver Seitz.

QU 58.5 C641 2008
Clinical proteomics : from diagnosis to therapy
edited by Jennifer E. Van Eyk and Michael J. Dunn.

QV 240 H371h 2002
Handbook of fluorescent probes and research products
by Richard P. Haugland.
9th ed.

QW 163 P713 2008
Plant virology protocols : from viral sequence to protein function
Gary D. Foster … [et al.].
2nd ed.

QX 203 H173c 2008
C. elegans atlas
David H. Hall and Zeynep F. Altun.

QY 54 R307 2008
Recognition and alleviation of distress in laboratory animals
Committee on Recognition and Alleviation of Distress in Laboratory Animals, Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, Division on Earth and Life Studies.

QY 58 S7243 2008
Sourcebook of models for biomedical research
edited by P. Michael Conn.

QY 90 V711m 2005
Molecular diagnostic PCR handbook
by Gerrit J. Viljoen, Louis H. Nel and John R. Crowther.

QY 95 M6255 2007
Microchip-based assay systems : methods and applications
edited by Pierre N. Floriano.

QY 220 I61 2008
Integrated cytology of cerebrospinal fluid
Michael Torzewski … [et al.].

QZ 202 B942p 2008
Principles of cancer genetics
Fred Bunz.

QZ 202 I43843 2008
Innate and adaptive immunity in the tumor microenvironment
Eitan Yefenof, editor.

QZ 266 C2199 2008
Cancer vaccines and tumor immunity
[edited by] Rimas Orentas, James W. Hodge, Bryon D. Johnson.

QZ 267 M719 2008
Molecular targeting in oncology
edited by Howard L. Kaufman, Scott Wadler, Karen Antman.

QZ 267 T9255 2008
Tumor angiogenesis : basic mechanisms and cancer therapy
Dieter Marmé, Norbert Fusenig, (editors).

WA 485 S128 2007
Safety sense : a laboratory guide.
2nd ed.

Clinical Titles

Ref QV 772 P575 2008
PDR for nonprescription drugs, dietary supplements, and herbs
29th ed.

QZ 267 D7935 2008
Drug information handbook for oncology: a complete guide to combination chemotherapy regimens
edited by Dominic A. Solimando, Jr.

QZ 267 T185 2008
Targeted cancer therapy
edited by Razelle Kurzrock, Maurie Markman.

QZ 267 P578 2008
Physicians’ cancer chemotherapy drug manual
edited by Edward Chu & Vincent T. DeVita, Jr.

QZ 268 P9567 2008
Principles of cancer reconstructive surgery
edited by Charles E. Butler, Neil A. Fine.

WB 100 C9765 2008
Current medical diagnosis & treatment
edited by Stephen J. McPhee, Maxine A. Papadakis, Lawrence M. Tierney, Jr.
47th ed.

WB 100 P964 2009
Professional guide to diseases.
9th ed.

WB 300 C752 2008
Conn’s current therapy
edited by Robert E. Rakel and Edward T. Bope.

WC 503.3 L668h 2007
HIV and the pathogenesis of AIDS
Jay A. Levy.
3rd ed.

WE 258 M613m 2008
MRI of bone and soft tissue tumors and tumor-like lesions : differential diagnosis and atlas
Steven P. Meyers.

WF 658 L9604 2008
Lung cancer
edited by Jack A. Roth, James D. Cox, Waun Ki Hong.
3rd ed.

WG 106 N623m 2005
McDonald’s blood flow in arteries : theoretical, experimental, and clinical principles
Wilmer W. Nichols and Michael F. O’Rouke.
5th ed.

WJ 762 I61c 2006
Controversies in the treatment of prostate cancer
volume editors, L. Moser … [et al.]. ; 10th International Symposium on Special Aspects of Radiotherapy, Berlin, September 2-8, 2006.

WJ 762 P9662 2008
Prostate cancer : signaling networks, genetics, and new treatment strategies
edited by Richard G. Pestell, Marja T. Nevalainen ; foreword by Michael Milken.

WL 704 I59 2008
Integrative pain medicine : the science and practice of complementary and alternative medicine in pain management
edited by Joseph F. Audette, Allison Bailey.

WL 704 M2667 2008
Managing pain in the older adult
Michaelene P. Jansen, editor.

WL 704 R161 2008
Raj’s practical management of pain
[edited by] Honorio T. Benzon … [et al.].
4th ed.

WM 140 S989 2007
Growth factors and psychiatric disorders.

WO 142 W317 2008
The Washington manual of surgical pathology
editors, Peter A. Humphrey, Louis P. Dehner, John D. Pfeifer.

WO 200 A579 2008
edited by David E. Longnecker … [et al.].

WP 141 A8813 2008
Atlas of staging in gynecological cancer
J. Richard Smith, Jeremiah Healy, Giuseppe Del Priore (eds.).

WP 141 C626a 2008
Atlas of gynecologic surgical pathology
Philip B. Clement, Robert H. Young.
2nd ed.

WY 150 M4893 2009
Medical-surgical nursing : clinical management for positive outcomes
[edited by] Joyce M. Black, Jane Hokanson Hawks.
8th ed.

WY 159 O585 2008
Oncology nursing drug handbook
edited by Gail M. Wilkes and Margaret Barton-Burke.

Miscellaneous Titles

BT 701.3 C733d 2008
Did man create God? : is your spiritual brain at peace with your thinking brain? : including intelligent answers to intelligent design
by David E. Comings.

WA 900.1 W927
World health statistics
World Health Organization.

WZ 345 S416 2006
Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers
Style Manual Committee, Council of Science Editors.
7th ed.

Popular Reading Collection

Orange County : a personal history
Gustavo Arellano

When will there by good news?
Kate Atkinson

The brass verdict
Michael Connelly

Liberty : a Lake Wobegon novel
Garrison Keillor

A most wanted man
John Le Carre

The given day
Dennis Lehane

Real life : preparing for the 7 most challenging days of your life
Phillip McGraw

Neil Stephenson


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