New Books: July 2008

The following books were added to Graff Library collection in July 2008.

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles
Miscellaneous Titles
Popular Reading Collection

Basic Sciences Titles

QH 430 P953 2007
Primer of genetic analysis : a problems approach
James N. Thompson, Jr. … [et al].
3rd ed.

QH 441 G3252 2007
Gene function analysis
edited by Michael F. Ochs.

QH 442 G328 2007
Genetic variation : a laboratory manual
edited by Michael P. Weiner, Stacey B. Gabriel, J. Claiborne Stephens.

QH 442 K918m 2008
Molecular biology and biotechnology : a guide for students/ Helen Kreuzer, Adrianne Massey.
3rd ed.

QH 450.3 P347 2007
edited by S. Hughes and A. Moody.

QH 450.3 P34845 2007
PCR primer design
edited by Anton Yuryev.

QL 737.R666 M626 2007
Micro-tomographic atlas of the mouse skeleton
Itai Bab … [et al.].

QS 504 O96n 2008
Netter’s essential histology
William K. Ovalle, Patrick C. Nahirney ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributing illustrators, Joe Chovan [et al.].

QS 677 C557 2007
Chromosomal alterations : methods, results, and importance in human health
Günter Obe, Vijayalaxmi, (editors).

QU 55 M717 2007
Molecular motors : methods and protocols
edited by Ann O. Sperry.

QU 57 D629 2008
DNA microarrays
edited by M. Schena.

QU 57 M6261 2007
edited by Jang B. Rampal.
2nd ed.

QU 58.7 M627 2007
MicroRNAs : biology, function, & expression
Neil J. Clarke, Philippe Sanseau, editors.
1st ed.

QU 85 L7643 2007
Lipid rafts
edited by Thomas J. McIntosh.

QU 85 M5926 2007
Methods in membrane lipids
edited by Alex M. Dopico.

QU 105 P967 2007
Proteomics of human body fluids : principles, methods, and applications
edited by Visith Thongboonkerd.

QV 744 D793 2007
Drug discovery research : new frontiers in the post-genomic era
edited by Ziwei Huang.

QW 165 B131 2007
Baculovirus and insect cell expression protocols
edited by David W. Murhammer.
2nd ed.

QW 526.5 I326 2007
Immunoinformatics : predicting immunogenicity in silico
edited by Darren R. Flower.

QW 568 C51556 2007
The chemokine receptors
edited by Jeffrey K. Harrison and Nicholas W. Lukacs.

QZ 206 C2153 2007
Cancer genomics and proteomics : methods and protocols
edited by Paul B. Fisher.

Clinical Titles

QU 145.5 D5643 2006
Dietary supplements and health.

QV 4 G653 2008
Goodman & Gilman’s manual of pharmacology and therapeutics
editors, Laurence L. Brunton, Keith L. Parker ; associate editors, Donald K. Blumenthal, Iain L.O. Buxton.

QZ 200 W319 2008
The Washington manual of oncology
editor, Ramaswamy Govindan.
2nd ed.

QZ 241 R896t 2008
TNM staging atlas
Philip Rubin, John T. Hansen.

QZ 266 I39 2007
In vivo imaging of cancer therapy
edited by Anthony F. Shields and Pat Price.

QZ 267 C5186 2008
The chemotherapy source book
editor, Michael C. Perry.
4th ed.

QZ 267 I62 2007
Intraperitoneal cancer therapy
edited by C. William Helm and Robert P. Edwards.

W 20.5 F983e 2007
Evaluating clinical research : all that glitters is not gold
Bengt D. Furberg and Curt D. Furberg.
2nd ed.

Ref W 22 AA1 A653 2007
America’s top doctors
7th ed

WA 950 C7717s 2007
The statistical analysis of recurrent events
Richard J. Cook, Jerald F. Lawless.

WA 950 S192 2008
Sample size calculations in clinical research
[edited by] Shein-Chung Chow, Jun Shao, Hansheng Wan.
2nd ed.

WB 107 W319 2008
The Washington manual of critical care
[edited by] Marin H. Kollef … [et al.].

WB 110 T246 2008
Taylor’s manual of family medicine
editors, Paul M. Paulman, Audrey A. Paulman, Jeffrey D. Harrison ; with 201 contributors.
3rd ed.

WB 141 B865b 2007
Bayesian biostatistics and diagnostic medicine
Lyle D. Broemeling.

WC 250 M9392 2007
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) protocols
edited by Yinduo Ji.

WE 707 S824b 2008
Biopsy interpretation of the upper aerodigestive tract and ear
Edward B. Stelow, Stacey E. Mills.

WE 725 V5667 2008
Vertebral tumors
Robert Gunzburg, Marek Szpalski, Max Aebi.

WG 140 W133m 2008
Marriott’s practical electrocardiography.
11th ed.
Galen S. Wagner.

WG 210 B825 2008
Braunwald’s heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicine
edited by Peter Libby … [et al.] ; founding editor and e-dition editor, Eugene Braunwald.
8th ed.

WG 610 C215 2008
Cancer-associated thrombosis : new findings in translational science, prevention, and treatment
edited by Alok A. Khorana, Charles W. Francis.

WH 380 B7111 2007
Bone marrow-derived progenitors
contributors, M. Andreeff … [et al.] ; editors, Katalin Kauser and Andreas-Michael Zeiher.

WH 541 S9573f 2008
Flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry for hematologic neoplasms
Tsieh Sun.

WH 700 C215 2007
Cancer metastasis and the lymphovascular system : basis for rational therapy
edited by Stanley P.L. Leong.

WJ 168 R666 2007
Robotic urologic surgery
Vipul R. Patel (ed.).

WK 100 W721 2008
Williams textbook of endocrinology.
Ed. 11
Henry M. Kronenberg … [et al.].

WK 835 D53585 2007
Diabetic neuropathy : clinical management
edited by Aristidis Veves and Rayaz A. Malik.
2nd ed.

WL 358 B813 2007
Brain metastases
edited by Jeffrey J. Raizer, Lauren E. Abrey.

WL 400 K647s 2007
Surgery of spinal tumors
Jörg Klekamp, Madjid Samii.

WM 203.5 A9369 2007
Autism and pervasive developmental disorders sourcebook
edited by Sandra J. Judd.
1st ed.

WN 180 M295 2008
Manual of radiology : acute problems and essential procedures
edited by Clifford R. Weiss … [et al.].
2nd. ed.

WN 185 M9387 2008
MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery
edited by Ferenc A. Jolesz, Kullervo H. Hynynen.

WO 178 P44512 2008
Perioperative medicine : managing for outcome
[edited by] Mark F. Newman, Lee A. Fleisher, Mitchell P. Fink.

WO 500 W317 2008
The Washington manual of surgery
Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri ; Mary E. Klingensmith … [et al.] ; foreword by Timothy J. Eberlein.
5th ed.

WP 870 H542 2008
Hereditary breast cancer
edited by Claudine Isaacs, Timothy R. Rebbeck.

WS 366 M294 2008
Manual of pediatric therapeutics
senior editor, John W. Graef ; associate editors, Joseph I. Wolfsdorf, David S. Greenes.
7th ed.

WW 140 L285m 2008
Manual of ocular diagnosis and therapy
author/editor, Deborah Pavan-Langston.
6th ed.

WY 100.4 S763n 2008
Sparks and Taylor’s nursing diagnosis reference manual
Sheila Sparks Ralph, Cynthia M. Taylor.
7th ed.

WY 156 O576 2008
Oncology nursing secrets
[edited by] Rose A. Gates, Regina M. Fink.
3rd ed.

WY 156 P9743 2006
Psychosocial nursing care along the cancer continuum
edited by Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson, Linda M. Gorman, Nancy Jo Bush.
2nd ed.

WY 161.5 W938 2005
Wound care nursing : a guide to practice
edited by Sue Templeton ; foreword by Jan Rice.

Miscellaneous Titles

Q 180.55.V6 R799s 2006
Survival skills for scientists
Federico Rosei, Tudor Johnston.

Popular Reading Collection

America America
Ethan Canin

Chasing Darkness: An Elvis Cole Novel
Robert Crais

The Broken Window: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel
Jeffery Deaver

The Keepsake
Tess Gerritsen

The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music
Steve Lopez

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination: A Memoir
Elizabeth McCracken


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