Faculty of 1000 Databases Now Available

December 4, 2007

The Graff Library now subscribes to Faculty of 1000 Biology and Faculty of 1000 Medicine. Both databases are designed to help researchers and clinicians keep up with the most influential and interesting literature in their fields of interest. F1000 reviewers (or Faculty Members) select articles and publish reviews that include an explanation of why the article is important. Each review includes a rating, narrative summary, list of subject areas, and classifications (e.g., Hypothesis, Refutation, Confirmation, Technological Advance, New Finding, Controversial Finding, Novel Drug Target, and Changes Clinical Practice). Each review links to the corresponding PubMed record and contains a link to FIND IT @ City of Hope, which allows you to access the library’s online journal collection. You can print, save, or email your search results, or download your selected citations directly into EndNote. View a sample record.

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