New Books: Sep 2007

The following books were added to Graff Library collection in September 2007.

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles
Miscellaneous Titles

Basic Sciences Titles

QH 450 A959m 2007
Measuring gene expression
Matthew B. Avison.

QH 588.S83 H9182 2007
Human embryonic stem cells : the practical handbook
editors, Stephen Sullivan, Chad A. Cowan, and Kevin Eggan.

QH 588.S83 H9185 2007
Human stem cell manual : a laboratory guide
edited by Jeanne F. Loring, Robin L. Wesselschmidt, Philip H. Schwartz.
1st ed.

QS 525 M489 2007
Medicines from animal cell culture
editors, Glyn Stacey, John Davis.

QU 55 P96647 2007
Protein interactions : biophysical approaches for the study of complex reversible systems
edited by Peter Schuck.

QU 55.9 P967 2007
Protein misfolding, aggregation, and conformational diseases. Part B, Molecular mechanisms of conformational diseases
edited by Vladimir N. Uversky, Anthony L. Fink.

QW 51 S6747m 2007
Molecular genetics of bacteria
Larry Snyder and Wendy Champness.
3rd ed.

QY 90 F981 2007
Fundamentals of molecular diagnostics
[edited by] David E. Bruns, Edward R. Ashwood, and Carl A. Burtis ; consulting editor, Barbara G. Sawyer.

QZ 206 A466 2006
Alternative splicing in cancer, 2006
editor, Julian P. Venables.

QZ 206 R432 2007
Research utilizing the California Cancer Registry
prepared by California Cancer Registry of the California Department of Health Services

Clinical Titles

QT 261 S764 2007
Sports injuries sourcebook : basic consumer health information
edited by Sandra J. Judd.
3rd ed.

QV 39 P297
Prentice Hall nurse’s drug guide.

QW 166 A288 2007
AIDS-associated viral oncogenesis
edited by Craig Meyers.

QZ 200 O287 2006
Max Watson … [et al.].
2nd ed.

QZ 218.2 A512
American Society of Clinical Oncology educational book

QZ 266 C2146 2007
Cancer immunotherapy : immune suppression and tumor growth
edited by George C. Prendergast, Elizabeth M. Jaffee.

QZ 266 F495c 2007
Care of the cancer patient : a quick reference guide
Wesley C. Finegan and Angela McGurk ; with contributions by Wilma O’Donnell and Jan Pederson ; foreword by Elizabeth Rogerson.

QZ 275 G868y 2007
Young people living with cancer : implications for policy and practice
Anne Grinyer.

SF 769.5 S2981 2000
Schalm’s veterinary hematology.
5th ed.
editors, Bernard F. Feldman, Joseph G. Zinkl, Nemi C. Jain; associate editors, Peter W. Gasper … [et al.] ; editorial assistant, M. Renee Prater.

WD 301 A369 2007
Allergies sourcebook : basic consumer health information
edited by Amy L. Sutton.
3rd ed.

WH 250 A188 2007
Acute myelogenous leukemia
edited by Judith E. Karp.

WH 525 L9851 2007
Lymphoma : pathology, diagnosis, and treatment
edited by Robert Marcus, John W. Sweetenham, Michael E. Williams.

WI 149 G2576 2007
Gastrointestinal oncology : evidence and analysis
edited by Peter McCulloch … [et al.].

WK 820 M486 2007
Mechanisms of insulin action
[edited by] Alan R. Saltiel, Jeffrey E. Pessin.

WL 26.5 D786s 2007
Signal processing for neuroscientists : introduction to the analysis of physiological signals
Wim van Drongelen.

WN 650 N961r 2007
Radiation protection in the health sciences
Marilyn E. Noz, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr.
2nd ed.

WS 100 N432 2007
Nelson textbook of pediatrics.
18th ed.
[edited by] Robert M. Kliegman … [et al.].

WY 20.5 P769n 2008
Nursing research : generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice
Denise F. Polit, Cheryl Tatano Beck.
8th ed.

WY 156 R128 2007
Radiation therapy : a guide to patient care
[edited by] Marilyn L. Haas … [et al.].

Miscellaneous Titles

W 20.5 Y22g 2007
Guide to effective grant writing : how to write an effective NIH grant application
by Otto O. Yang.

WA 950 E52c 2007
Critical appraisal of epidemiological studies and clinical trials
J. Mark Elwood.
3rd ed.

WA 950 M718m 2007
Missing data in clinical studies
Geert Molenberghs, Michael G. Kenward.

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