New Books: May 2007

The following books were added to Graff Library collection in May 2007.

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles

Basic Sciences Titles

QD 151.3 B615 2007
Biological inorganic chemistry : structure and reactivity
edited by Ivano Bertini … [et al.].

QH 450 P582g 2007
Gene sharing and evolution : the diversity of protein functions
Joram Piatigorsky.

QH 455 T288p 2006
Population genetics and microevolutionary theory
Alan R. Templeton.

QK 898.P8 P713 2007
Plant proteomics : methods and protocols
edited by HervĂ© Thiellement … [et al.].

QP 356.15 G815i 2007
An introduction to nervous systems
Ralph J. Greenspan.

QT 34 M1965 2007
Magnetism in medicine : a handbook
edited by Wilfried Andrä and Hannes Nowak.
2nd ed., completely rev. and enl.

QT 36.5 N186 2007
Nanotechnology in biology and medicine : methods, devices, and applications
edited by Tuan Vo-Dinh.

QU 57 C267 2007
Cardiac gene expression : methods and protocols
edited by Jun Zhang and Gregg Rokosh.

QU 58 N965 2006
Nucleic acids in chemistry and biology
edited by G. Michael Blackburn … [et al.].
3rd ed.

QU 58.5 C555 2007
Introduction to computational genomics : a case studies approach
Nello Cristianini and Matthew W. Hahn.

QU 58.5 G33525 2007
Genomics and proteomics engineering in medicine and biology
edited by Metin Akay.

QU 58.5 M414 2007
Mass spectrometry data analysis in proteomics
edited by Rune Matthiesen.

QU 58.5 P9672 2006
Proteomics for biological discovery
[edited by] Timothy D. Veenstra, John R. Yates.

QU 58.5 Q16 2007
Quantitative proteomics by mass spectrometry
edited by Salvatore Sechi.

QY 25 T564 2007
Tietz’s applied laboratory medicine
[edited by] Mitchell G. Scott, Ann M. Gronowski, Charles S. Eby.
2nd ed.

QY 50 H873c 2007
Clinical laboratory animal medicine : an introduction
3rd ed.
Karen Hrapkiewicz, Leticia Medina.

Clinical Titles

QY 95 M718 2007
Molecular pathology in clinical practice
editor, Debra G.B. Leonard ; section editors: Adam Bagg … [et al.].

QZ 50 R282n 2007
New clinical genetics
Andrew Read and Dian Donnai.

QZ 200 O98 2006
Oxford handbook of oncology
edited by Jim Cassidy … [et al.].
2nd ed.

QZ 220 P299d 2006
Developing biomarker-based tools for cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment : the state of the science, evaluation, implementation, and economics : workshop summary
National Cancer Policy Forum ; Margie Patlak and Sharyl Nass, rapporteurs.

QZ 241 C2143 2007
Cancer grading manual
edited by Ivan Damjanov, Fang Fan.

QZ 241 N186 2007
Nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis
edited by Challa S.S.R. Kumar.

QZ 248 I432 2006
Infection in the cancer patient : a practical guide
edited by Roy A.J. Spence, Roderick J. Hay, Patrick G. Johnston.
1st ed.

QZ 266 G3253 2007
Gene therapy for cancer
edited by Kelly K. Hunt, Stephan A. Vorburger, Stephen G. Swisher.

QZ 266 N1856 2006
Nanomaterials for cancer therapy
edited by Challa S.S.R. Kumar.
1st ed.

QZ 269 C6412 2007
Clinical radiation oncology
senior editors, Leonard L. Gunderson, Joel E. Tepper.
2nd ed.

QZ 272 C21536 2007
Cancer pain management
[edited by] Michael J. Fisch, Allen W. Burton.

W 20.55.C6 C214 2007
Cancer clinical trials : proactive strategies
edited by Stanley P. L. Leong.

W 20.55.H9 M476e 2007
Evaluating the science and ethics of research on humans : a guide for IRB members
Dennis J. Mazur.

W 26.5 B516b 2007
Biomedical informatics
Jules J. Berman.

WA 950 P356p 2007
Presenting medical statistics from proposal to publication : a step-by-step guide
Janet L. Peacock and Sally M. Kerry.

WB 354 F962i 2007
Introduction to intravenous therapy for health professionals
Eugenia M. Fulcher, Margaret S. Frazier.

WE 707 P167 2006
Palliative care consultations in head and neck cancer
edited by Sara Booth and Andrew Davies.

WF 600 K19k 2006
Katzenstein and Askin’s surgical pathology of non-neoplastic lung disease
Anna-Luise A. Katzenstein.
4th ed.

WF 658 L96065 2007
Lung cancer
[edited by] Sujal R. Desai.

WG 285 E566 2006
Endocarditis : diagnosis and management
Kwan-Leung Chan and John M. Embil (eds.).

WH 120 H4878 2007
edited by Eric D. Hsi.

WH 200 L652 2007
Leukocyte and stromal cell molecules : the CD markers
Heddy Zola … [et al.].

WH 250 C55695 2007
Chronic myeloid leukemia
edited by Jorge Cortes, Michael Deininger.

WH 525 P371 2007
Pediatric lymphomas
Howard J. Weinstein, Melissa M. Hudson, Michael P. Link (eds.).

WI 520 T139b 2007
Biopsy pathology in colorectal disease
Ian Talbot, Ashley Price, Manuel Salto-Tellez.
2nd ed.

WI 740 S333 2007
Schiff’s diseases of the liver.
10th ed.
edited by Eugene R. Schiff, Michael F. Sorrell, Willis C. Maddrey.

WI 741 H972L 2007
Liver MRI : correlation with other imaging modalities and histopathology
Shahid M. Hussain ; forewords by John L. Gollan and Richard C. Semelka.

WJ 100 C192 2007
Campbell-Walsh urology
9th ed.
editor-in-chief, Alan J. Wein ; editors, Louis R. Kavoussi … [et al.].

WJ 762 R796m 2007
Molecular oncology of prostate cancer
edited by Jeffrey S. Ross and Christopher S. Foster.

WK 102 G815 2007
Greenspan’s basic & clinical endocrinology
edited by David G. Gardner, Dolores Shoback.
8th ed.

WL 142 A211 2006
Adams & Graham’s introduction to neuropathology
[edited by] David I. Graham, James A.R. Nicoll, Ian Bone.
3rd ed.

WO 600 G7265 2007
Grabb and Smith’s plastic surgery.
6th ed.
editor-in-chief, Charles H. Thorne … [et al.] ; editors Robert W. Beasley … [et al.].

WP 322 C2151 2007
Cancer of the ovary
edited by Rodney Reznek.

WY 128 C638 2007
The clinical nurse specialist handbook
[edited by] Patti Rager Zuzelo.

WY 156 N9742 2006
Nursing in haematological oncology
edited by Maggie Grundy ; foreword by Barry Quinn.
2nd ed.

WY 156 W6822 2007
Oncology nursing drug handbook
Gail M. Wilkes and Margaret Barton-Burke

REF. WZ 345 C744 2005
Concise rules of APA style
1st ed.


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  1. bill bennett says:

    List of new books is great. Saw three that I should review. Thanks. BIll

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