New Books: Apr 2007

The following books were added to Graff Library collection in April 2007.

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles

Basic Sciences Titles

QU 55.5 G5697 2007
Glycovirology protocols
edited by Richard J. Sugrue.

QU 55.7 C393 2006
Cell adhesion and cytoskeletal molecules in metastasis
edited by Anne E. Cress and Raymond B. Nagle.

QU 57 P965 2006
Promoter and CpG island microarrays
Neil A. Winegarden, Mark Takahashi, editors.

QU 58.5 P998 2007
Pyrosequencing protocols
edited by Sharon Marsh ; foreword by Howard L. McLeod.

QU 58.5 P9674 2007
Protocols for nucleic acid analysis by nonradioactive probes.
2nd ed.
edited by Elena Hilario, John Mackay.

QU 136 P9671655 2007
Protein phosphatase protocols
edited by Greg Moorhead.

QV 269 T544c 2007
Chemistry and pharmacology of anticancer drugs
David E. Thurston.

QW 160 F463 2007
Fields’ virology
editors-in-chief, David M. Knipe, Peter M. Howley ; associate editors, Diane E. Griffin … [et al.].
5th ed.

QY 60.R6 M932 2007
The mouse in biomedical research
edited by James G. Fox … [et al.].
2nd ed.

Clinical Titles

BF 575.E55 E553 2007
Empathy and fairness.

QT 167 C579 2007
Circadian rhythms : methods and protocols
edited by Ezio Rosato.

QZ 50 E533 2007
Emery and Rimoin’s principles and practice of medical genetics.
5th ed.
[edited by] David L. Rimoin … [et al.] ; [foreword by Victor A. McMusick].

QZ 50 L343e 2007
Essentials of clinical genetics in nursing practice
Felissa R. Lashley.

QZ 200 E78 2007
Essentials of clinical oncology
editors, Robert de W. Marsh, J. Samuel ; associate editors, George Jacob … [et al.].

QZ 202 P896 2007
A practical guide to human cancer genetics
Shirley Hodgson … [et al.].
3rd ed.

QZ 241 H236
Handbook of immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization of human carcinomas
edited by M.A. Hayat.

QZ 267 P578 2007
Physicians’ cancer chemotherapy drug manual
Edward Chu and Vincent T. DeVita, Jr.

QZ 272 H2355 2007
Handbook of cancer survivorship
Michael Feuerstein, editor.

REF. W 22 AA1 A653
America’s top doctors.

WA 950 D272b 2004
Basic & clinical biostatistics
Beth Dawson, Robert G. Trapp.
4th ed.

WA 950 M438u 2007
Using and understanding medical statistics
David E. Matthews, Vernon T. Farewell.
4th, completely rev. and enl. ed.

WB 310 T355 2006
Textbook of palliative medicine
edited by Eduardo Bruera … [et al.].

WC 240 S4795 2006
Sepsis : new insights, new therapies.

WE 707 H43176 2007
Head and neck cancer : treatment, rehabilitation, and outcomes
edited by Elizabeth C. Ward, Corina J. van As-Brooks.

WF 600 I581 2005
Innate immunity to pulmonary infection
[editors: Derek J. Chadwick (organizer) and Jamie Goode].

WH 380 M9959 2006
Myelodysplastic syndromes : clinical and biological advances
edited by Peter L. Greenberg.

WH 380 P895 2007
Practical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
edited by Andrew J. Cant, Angela Galloway, Graham Jackson.

WI 650 C488 2006
Chassin’s operative strategy in colon and rectal surgery
Carol E.H. Scott-Conner, editor.

WI 770 S9617 2007
Surgery of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas
editor-in-chief, Leslie H. Blumgart ; associate editors, Jacques Belghiti … [et al.].
4th ed.

WI 900 S5241 2007
Shackelford’s surgery of the alimentary tract
[edited by] Charles J. Yeo … [et al.].
6th ed.

WL 25 S5595 2006
Short protocols in neuroscience : cellular and molecular methods : a compendium of methods from current protocols in neuroscience
editorial board, Charles R. Gerfen … [et al.].

WL 25 S5596 2007
Short protocols in neuroscience : systems and behavioral methods : a compendium of methods from current protocols in neuroscience
editorial board, Jacqueline N. Crawley … [et al.].

WL 142 H114c 2007
Clinical neuropathology : text and color atlas
Catherine Haberland.

WM 178 F983t 2007
Treating health anxiety and fear of death : a practitioner’s guide
Patricia Furer, John R. Walker, Murray B. Stein.

WO 280 B478 2007
Benumof’s airway management : principles and practice
edited by Carin A. Hagberg.
2nd ed.

WO 300 T355 2007
Textbook of regional anesthesia and acute pain management
editor, Admir Hadzic.

WP 870 F334b 2007
Breast cancer treatment by focused microwave thermotherapy
Alan J. Fenn.

WR 105 L661 2005
Lever’s histopathology of the skin.
9th ed.
editor-in-chief, David E. Elder ; associate editors, Rosalie Elenitsas, Bernett L. Johnson Jr., George F. Murphy.

WS 330 P3714 2007
Pediatric endocrinology
edited by Fima Lifshitz.
5th ed.

WY 105 H251c 2004
Clinical delegation skills : a handbook for professional practice
Ruth I. Hansten, Marilynn Jackson.
3rd ed.

WY 105 L4325 2007
Leading and managing in nursing
[edited by] Patricia S. Yoder-Wise.
4th ed.

WY 107 M967t 2005
Transcultural communication in nursing
Cora C. Muñoz, Joan Luckmann.
2nd ed.

WY 154 A1105 2007
AACN essentials of progressive care nursing
[edited by] Marianne Chulay, Suzanne M. Burns.

WZ 345 E155a 2004
The art of scientific writing : from student reports to professional publications in chemistry and related fields
Hans F. Ebel, Claus Bliefert, William E. Russey.
2nd, completely rev. ed.


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