New Books: March 2007

The following books were added to Graff Library collection in March 2007.

Basic Sciences Titles
Clinical Titles

Basic Sciences Titles

REF QA 65 H236 2006
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics
ed. David R. Lide
87th ed

QH 442.2 L822g 2007
Gene cloning
Julia Lodge, Pete Lund & Steve Minchin.

QH 447 V567 2006
Vertebrate genomes
volume editor, Jean-Nicolas Volff.

QH 448.4 G326 2007
Gene transfer : delivery and expression of DNA and RNA ; a laboratory manual
edited by Theodore Friedmann, John Rossi.

QH 581.2 C776c 2007
The cell : a molecular approach
Geoffrey M. Cooper, Robert E. Hausman.
4th ed.

QH 588.S83 E5436 2006
Embryonic stem cells : a practical approach
edited by Elena Notarianni, Martin J. Evans.

QH 588.S83 S7428 2006
Stem cell transplantation : biology, processing, and therapy
edited by Anthony D. Ho, Ronald Hoffman, and Esmail D. Zanjani.

QU 55 D772p 2007
Principles of protein X-Ray crystallography
Jan Drenth ; with major contribution from Jeroen Mesters.
3rd ed.

QU 55 G646b 2007
Binding and kinetics for molecular biologists
James A. Goodrich and Jennifer F. Kugel.

QU 55.7 G725 2005
G protein-coupled receptors as drug targets : analysis of activation and constitutive activity
edited by Roland Seifert and Thomas Wieland.

QU 55.9 M678 2006
Misbehaving proteins : protein (mis)folding, aggregation, and stability
edited by Regina M. Murphy, Amos M. Tsai.

QU 58 N96438 2006
Nucleic acid switches and sensors
[edited by] Scott K. Silverman.

QV 269 T185 2007
Target discovery and validation : reviews and protocols
edited by Mouldy Sioud.

QV 778 C7313 2006
Combinatorial chemistry : from theory to application
Willi Bannwarth, Berthold Hinzen (eds.).
2nd rev. ed.

QY 52 G946 2006
Guidelines for the humane transportation of research animals
Committee on Guidelines for the Humane Transportation of Laboratory Animals, Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.

REF SF 609 B655s 2007
Saunders comprehensive veterinary dictionary
Douglas C. Blood, Virginia P. Studdert, Clive C. Gay.
3rd ed.

Clinical Titles

QU 145 D7792 2006
Dietary reference intakes : the essential guide to nutrient requirements
Jennifer J. Otten, Jennifer Pitzi Hellwig, Linda D. Meyers, editors.

QU 145 P367n 2007
Nutrition essentials and diet therapy
Nancy J. Peckenpaugh.
10th ed.

QV 4 C622b 2007
Basic pharmacology for nurses
Bruce D. Clayton, Yvonne N. Stock, Renae D. Harroun.
14th ed.

QW 166 V8116 2006
Viral and immunological malignancies
[edited by] Paul A. Volberding, Joel M. Palefsky ; Carrie Clark Walsh, assistant editor.

QY 25 W195i 2007
Interpretation of diagnostic tests
Jacques Wallach.
8th ed.

QY 95 G197c 2007
Color atlas of immunocytochemistry in diagnostic cytology
Parvin Ganjei-Azar, Mehrdad Nadji.

QZ 266 M961 2006
Multimodal concepts for integration of cytotoxic drugs
J.M. Brown, M.P. Mehta, C. Nieder (eds.) ; with contributions by G-One Ahn … [et al.] ; series editor’s foreword by L.W. Brady, H.-P. Heilmann, M. Molls.

QZ 269 T7843 2007
Treatment planning in radiation oncology
editor, Faiz M. Khan.
2nd ed.

QZ 272 C783 2005
Coping with advanced cancer : support for people with cancer
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute.
Rev. August 2005

QZ 380 R961 2006
Russell and Rubinstein’s pathology of tumors of the nervous system.
7th ed.
[edited by] Roger E. McLendon, Marc K. Rosenblum, Darell D. Bigner.

REF W 19 B561
Best … medical schools (New York, (N.Y.));Best … medical schools.

W 20.5 D457 2007
Designing clinical research
Stephen B. Hulley … [et al.].
3rd ed.

W 20.55.H9 F195 2006
Federal protection for human research subjects : an analysis of the common rule and it’s interactions with FDA and the HIPAA privacy rule
Lee O. Jastone, editor.

WA 950 P966 2006
Statistical monitoring of clinical trials : a unified approach
Michael A. Proschan, K.K. Gordan Lan, Janet Turk Wittes.

WB 146 C1189 2006
Cachexia and wasting : a modern approach
Giovanni Mantovani (ed) ; co-editors: Stefan D. Anker … [et al.].

WB 310 A134 2006
ABC of palliative care
edited by Marie Fallon and Geoffrey Hanks ; [foreword by Derek Doyle].
2nd ed.

WB 400 N97538 2007
Nutrition therapy and pathophysiology
Marcia Nahikian Nelms … [et al.].

WC 450 A8803 2007
Atlas of fungal infections.
2nd ed.
editor Carol A. Kauffmann, editor-in-chief Gerald L. Mandell ; with 26 contributors.

WC 528 N532 2005
New treatment strategies for dengue and other flaviviral diseases.

WC 695 G216da 2007
Diagnostic medical parasitology
Lynne Shore Garcia.
5th ed.

WE 141 M267m 2007
Musculoskeletal imaging.
3rd ed.
B.J. Manaster, David A. May, David G. Disler ; artist, James F. Snyder.

WE 258 G815d 2007
Differential diagnosis in orthopaedic oncology
Adam Greenspan, Gernot Jundt, Wolfgang Remagen.
2nd ed.

WH 120 W794 2007
Wintrobe’s atlas of clinical hematology
editors, Douglas C. Tkachuk, Jan V. Hirschmann.

WI 141 E556 2006
Endoscopic oncology : gastrointestinal endoscopy and cancer management
edited by Douglas O. Faigel, Michael L. Kochman.

WI 529 C719055 2007
Colorectal cancer : evidence-based chemotherapy strategies
edited by Leonard B. Saltz.

WJ 140 G331 2007
Genitourinary pathology
edited by Ming Zhou, Cristina Magi-Galluzzi.

WJ 141 C959 2007
CT urography : an atlas
[edited by] Stuart G. Silverman, Richard H. Cohan.

WJ 300 D6115 2007
Diseases of the kidney & urinary tract.
8th ed.
edited by Robert W. Schrier.

WJ 300 F656d 2005
Diagnostic atlas of renal pathology: A companion to Brenner & Rector’s The Kidney, 7th ed
Agnes B. Fogo and Michael Kashgarian

WJ 300 F981 2006
Fundamentals of renal pathology
Agnes B. Fogo … [et al.].

WJ 300 H5295 2007
Heptinstall’s pathology of the kidney.
6th ed.
editors, J. Charles Jennette … [et al.].

WJ 762 P96632 2007
Prostate cancer : translational and emerging therapies
edited by Nancy A. Dawson, W. Kevin Kelly.

WK 810 N5329 2006
New transcription factors and their role in diabetes and therapy
editor, Jacob E. Friedman.
1st ed.

WL 358 B81349 2007
Brain tumors : practical guide to diagnosis and treatment
edited by Joachim M. Baehring, Joseph M. Piepmeier.

WL 358 H638 2007
High-grade gliomas : diagnosis and treatment
edited by Gene H. Barnett.

WL 359 C393 2006
Cell therapy, stem cells, and brain repair
edited by Cyndy Davis Sanberg and Paul R. Sanberg.

WL 368 N4943 2007
Neurosurgical operative atlas. Neuro-oncology
[edited by] Behnam Badie.
2nd ed.

WL 368 T941 2006
Tumor neurosurgery : principles and practice
Anne J. Moore and David W. Newell (eds).

WM 90 E78 2007
Essentials of psychosomatic medicine
edited by James L. Levenson.
1st ed.

WM 290 S989 2005
Understanding nicotine and tobacco addiction
[editors, Gregory Bock and Jamie Goode].

WN 206 M718 2007
Molecular anatomic imaging : PET-CT and SPECT-CT integrated modality imaging
editor, Gustav K. von Schulthess ; CD-ROM editor, Daniel T. Schmid.
2nd ed.

WN 208 C640 2006
Clinical Doppler ultrasound
[edited by] Paul Allan … [et al.].
2nd ed.

WN 250.5.B7 B796 2007
Brachytherapy : applications and techniques
editor, Phillip M. Devlin.

WO 200 S872b 2007
Basics of anesthesia
Robert K. Stoelting and Ronald D. Miller.
5th ed.

WO 300 C73 2007
Complications in regional anesthesia and pain medicine
[editors] Joseph M. Neal, James P. Rathmell.

WO 445 G3685 2007
Geriatric anesthesia
[edited by] Frederick E. Sieber.

WO 660 C7376 2005
Comprehensive atlas of transplantation
editors, Paul C. Kuo, R. Duane Davis ; associate editors, Donald C. Dafoe, R. Randall Bollinger.

WO 700 W9384 2007
Wound care : a collaborative practice manual
edited by Carrie Sussman, Barbara M. Bates-Jensen.
3rd ed.

WP 815 K83b 2007
Breast imaging
Daniel B. Kopans.
3rd ed.

WP 870 H2354 2006
Handbook of metastatic breast cancer
edited by Stephen R.D. Johnston and Charles Swanton.

WR 105 L661a 2007
Atlas and synopsis of Lever’s histopathology of the skin
David E. Elder … [et al.].
2nd ed.

WR 152 D8152 2007
Dubois’ lupus erythematosus
editors, Daniel J. Wallace, Bevra Hannahs Hahn.
7th ed.

WS 141 C976
Current pediatric diagnosis & treatment
edited by William W. Hay, Jr. [et al.]

WS 340 H466p 2007
Pediatric neurology : essentials for general practice
Peter L. Heilbroner, Glenn Y. Castaneda.

WY 105 M359g 2004
Guide to nursing management and leadership
Ann Marriner-Tomey.
7th ed.

WY 150 B8972 2008
Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical-surgical nursing.
11th ed.
[edited by] Suzanne C. Smeltzer … [et al.].

WY 150 M2938 2007
Manual of medical-surgical nursing care : nursing interventions and collaborative management
Pamela L. Swearingen, special project editor.
6th ed.

WY 156 C64149 2006
Clinical manual for the oncology advanced practice nurse
[edited by] Dawn Camp-Sorrell, Rebecca A. Hawkins.
2nd ed.

WY 156 P928c 2007
Clinical practice protocols in oncology nursing
Debra S. Prescher-Hughes, Cynthia J. Alkhoudairy.

WY 161 A3756 2007
Alexander’s care of the patient in surgery.
13th ed.
[edited by] Jane C. Rothrock ; associate editor, Donna McEwen.

WZ 345 L271h 2006
How to report statistics in medicine : annotated guidelines for authors, editors, and reviewers
Thomas A. Lang, Michelle Secic.
2nd ed.


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